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Razer reveals Fujin Pro gaming chair at RazerCon

In addition to its already award-winning chair line-up, Razer now introduces the Fujin products, a hybrid of gaming design and office ergonomics.


In one of the more surprising RazerCon announcements, Razer revealed its new line of gaming chairs, the Fujin and Fujin Pro. These aren’t your average gaming chair as they look to blend the best features of a typical gaming chair, with the comfort and breathability of an office chair.

The Razer Fujin and Fujin Pro don’t follow the typical design of the best gaming chairs, instead, they look to blend the best parts of traditional office chairs, with the benefits outlined in the recent gaming chair boom. 

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This has led to the design revealed during RazerCon 2023, one that is focused on keeping you cool during long sessions thanks to a super breathable mesh, made from thermoplastic elastomer. The density of your everyday gaming chair will prevent heat from escaping and often leads to discomfort and a feeling of needing to readjust constantly. Using a mesh material also reduces the chances of splits and tears which can be quite common in leather or similar materials typically used to make gaming chairs. 

Razer is introducing synchro-tilt technology and tilt-tension control so that even with the new, breathable material, the same level of customization and adjustability is what you expect from a gaming chair.

The Razer Fujin comes with a 130-degree recline, height-adjustable lumbar support, and 3D padded armrests. The Fujin Pro boasts 4D padded armrests and a 3D contoured headrest in addition to the suite of features already mentioned.

In somewhat of a shadow drop, the Razer Fujin is available right now for $599 / €699 from the Razer store and approved retailers. The Razer Fujin Pro will be available in Q4 2023 for $999 / €1199.

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