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Remnant 2’s new archetype bends the power of nature to their will

The Invoker archetype coming to Remant 2 in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC can summon tidal waves and sandstorms to control crowds of enemies.

Remnant 2‘s second premium DLC expansion, The Forgotten Kingdom, is just about ready to launch – the release date is set for next week. Gunfire Games has now provided a closer look at the mysterious new archetype that comes with it, the Invoker. It’s a hybrid class that draws on the power of the forest and can supercharge any party composition.

The Forgotten Kingdom is about finding and reassembling the history of a lost tribe of Yaesha. The new storyline leads to the discovery of the Invoker archetype, which looks like it’ll be a real blast to use in both solo and co-op game modes.

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Remnant 2‘s developers explain that the Invoker is built around skill usage. Their prime perk is Visionary, which grants the Invoker twice the amount of skill charges and reduces skill cooldowns for any equipped Archetype.

Here are the Invoker’s skills:

  • Way of Kaeula – The Invoker summons a rainstorm followed by a powerful Tidal Wave. Enemies caught in the downpour are slowed and intermittently blasted by lightning.
  • Way of Meidra – The Invoker unleashes Gloom on enemies, which increases elemental damage, taken while allies heal over time and gain Lifesteal against affected enemies.
  • Way of Lydusa – To increase damage, “Way of Lydusa” infuses the Invoker with the shredding power of Sand with Brittle, multiplying Critical Chance and Critical Damage and empowering a brutal AOE attack called Sandblast.

Finally, the Invoker’s Archetype Trait is Gifted, and it increases the duration of all applicable skills.

It sounds like a fun change of pace from Remnant’s other archetypes, which each have their own spin on primarily run-and-gun gameplay. As a member of a co-op team, the Invoker’s crowd control abilities, area of effect attack, and friendly buffs will likely prove invaluable.

The Remnant 2 Forgotton Kingdom release date is set for April 23. In the meantime, check out our guide to Remnant 2 bosses, as well as our breakdown of the Remnant 2 archetypes, to make sure you’re ready for launch.

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