Remnant 2 patch notes buff player armor and dodges

Remnant 2 patch notes for August 10, 2023 are here, and the new update focuses primarily on improving survivability, with buffs to armor, dodges, and XP gains.

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Remnant 2 patch notes for August 10, 2023 are here. The new Remnant 2 update changes a lot of defensive tools in the co-op game, with buffs to damage reduction from armor and increases to the invulnerability on your evade making you a lot harder to kill. The enemy damage scaling in multiplayer has also been bumped down again, so you should have a slightly easier time surviving as we await the arrival of Remnant 2 crossplay.

This Remnant 2 patch changes armor, with increases to the damage reduction at all armor weights except for heavy. This should make the lighter armor classes feel a lot more viable in later levels, and an increase to the invulnerability window (iframes) on your dodge should help you avoid taking hits altogether, making fights against the tougher Remnant 2 bosses much more manageable.

Bulwark’s effectiveness has also been increased, making the defensive buff a little stronger. A further reduction in multiplayer scaling per player means you’ll now take 5% less damage than before when playing in a pair, or 10% less with a full team of three. In addition to this, the invulnerability time after being revived has gone up, giving you a bit longer to react to the action.

There are some welcome quality-of-life changes in here as well – chief among these is that Wallace will now sell any unlocked Archetypes, including secret ones if they have been previously unlocked on past characters. Experience gains in multiplayer are now shared across the party regardless of distance, and will still be given to players who are dead so they don’t fall behind their teammates.

There are also fixes and improvements to stability, and the team addresses a specific memory issue occurring on Intel 13th generation CPUs, although you’ll have to take action on your end to resolve it if you’ve run into this problem. The full patch notes are below, so read on for all the specifics.

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Remnant 2 patch notes August 10, 2023 – update version 384,210

Here are the Remnant 2 patch notes for the August 10 update, courtesy of developer Gunfire Games.

Quality of Life

  • Added all unlocked Archetypes to Wallace’s inventory. If players have unlocked any Secret Archetype (by converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram), he will then sell them for all future characters. If you can start with it, Wallace will sell it.
  • Reduced the requirement to obtain Revivalist Trait. Also included Very Good Boy.
  • Updated Nimue, Bedel (Old Vaunnt), and N’Erud Vending Machine, and Blood Altar to properly keep their items in stock.
  • Fixed the Damage Reduction calculation in Advanced Stats. While this was a bug, we still wanted to make sure it was at the top of the list because it was giving players incorrect info.
  • Reduced Multiplayer Scaling per player by an additional 5% (from 15% to 10%). This means that in 3 player COOP, all players will now take 10% less damage (5% less per player).
  • Increased the chance that Cass spawns her special rewards.
  • Increased invulnerability time on standard Revive by 0.7s to give players a bit more time to react after being revived.
  • Experience gained is shared across any distance in multiplayer (previously 40m max range) and to dead teammates.

Balance Changes


  • Reduced Vicious enemy affix from 33% to 15%.
  • Reduced Spiteful enemy affix from 0-45% to 0-25%. This is based on current enemy Health.
  • Reduced Thick Skin enemy affix from -15% Critical Chance & -25% Critical Damage to -10% and 15%, respectively.
  • Reduced Hearty enemy affix from 25% Max HP to 15% Max HP.
  • Increased Bulwark Damage Reduction from 6,5,4,3,2% (20% MAX) to 7,6,5,4,3% (25% MAX).

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Armor overview: We made a few tweaks to various armor types to give them unique benefits that were applicable for all difficulties. We felt that the baseline Heavy Armor values (at approximately 35% Damage Reduction) were in a good spot, especially with our recent changes to certain enemy affixes, so we adjusted the other armors to bring them up to par in their own way. Armor-based Damage Reduction is typically the easiest type of DR to get in the game, and due to its importance at higher levels, the lower-value armors were becoming less than desirable.

  • Adjusted Light Armor Damage Reduction Value from approximately 15% to 25%.
  • Adjusted Medium Armor Damage Reduction Value from approximately 25% to 30%.
  • Adjusted Ultra Heavy Armor Damage Reduction Value from approximately 45% to 50%.
  • Increased Light Armor Evade Invulnerability by 2 frames.
  • Increased Medium Armor Evade Invulnerability by 1 frame.
  • Increased Ultra Heavy Neutral Evade Invulnerability by 1 frame.
  • Armor Evade Value and Stamina Penalty Reference:
    • Light Evade (25 Encumbrance or Lower): 12 iFrames, 0% Stamina Cost Penalty.
    • Medium Evade (26-50 Encumbrance): 11 iFrames, 25% Stamina Cost Penalty.
    • Heavy Evade (51-75 Encumbrance): 10 iFrames, 50% Stamina Cost Penalty.
    • Ultra Heavy (76+ Encumbrance): 15 iFrames (Flop), 75% Stamina Cost Penalty.
    • Note: No changes were made to Stamina Cost Penalty. These are original values. Additionally, Heavy Evade and Ultra Heavy Flop have their original iFrame value as well. The only changes regarding iFrames were to the two lighter Weight Classes.


  • Handler Companion and Summoner Minions gain increased health per difficulty. On Apocalypse, they will have the highest base health.
  • Increased Challenger’s Intimidating Presence Range from 10m to 15m.

Gear and Items

  • Increased Restriction Cord Damage Reduction from 10% to 15%.
  • Increased Guardian’s Ring range from 10m to 15m.
  • Enabled Mist Step Neutral Backdash attack.


  • Adjusted downtime and overall combat flow for Annihilation.
  • Adjusted Annihilation Mine behavior on Survivor difficulty.

Remnant 2 patch notes August 10 2023 - A character runs through the Labyrinth, a floating temple of stone.


  • Ongoing optimizations to improve overall performance.
  • Fixed multiple reported crash bugs.
  • Potential fix for “GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread” crash.

‘Out of Memory when Loading’ issue

  • We have identified an issue on some Intel 13th generation CPU’s where upon startup the game will display a message about being out of video memory or the crash reporter will pop up referencing an issue with decompressing a shader. If you experience this problem, you will likely also see it in other DX12 games.
  • If your CPU is overclocked, try setting it back to the defaults. If you’re not overclocked or that doesn’t work, try installing ‘Intel Extreme Tuning Utility’ and lowering your ‘Performance Core Ratio’ from 55x to 54x.

Achievements and Rewards

  • Retroactively fixed several achievements that weren’t tracked correctly.
  • Retroactively fixed as many difficulty-based rewards as possible.
  • Note: To unlock difficulty rewards and achievements, you must interact with the World Stone.

Additional bug fixes can be found on the Gunfire Games website.

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