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All Remnant 2 traits, effects, and locations

Remnant 2 traits bestow vital stat bonuses to improve your chances of survival against the Root invasion, so here are their effects and how to unlock them all.

Remnant 2 traits: One of the many Pan native to the realm of Yaesha, corrupted by the Root.,

What are Remnant 2 traits? While the best weapons, mods, and relics form the core of your character build, their overall effectiveness is determined by your character’s stat values. That’s where traits come in, offering incremental stat bonuses that can vastly improve your build performance.

To help you choose which Remnant 2 traits to invest in long-term, we’ve collated them all into one handy list, along with their effects and how to unlock them. The value of each trait depends on which of the archetypes you’ve chosen, as well as your preferred playstyle in Remnant 2 – for example, you won’t get much out of a ranged boost if you’re opting for a melee-focused build. You might also wish to synergize your traits with your partner in co-op, as we did in our Remnant 2 review. That said, here are all the Remnant 2 traits, their effects, and how to locate them.

All Remnant 2 traits

There are 31 Remnant 2 traits in total. The Traveler begins with five, consisting of one Archetype trait and four Core traits. While these initial traits provide a solid foundation, there are several unlockable traits that you can pick up along the way that can offer more specific improvements.

Each trait’s stat bonus can be improved by spending trait points, which are accrued by collecting a Tome of Knowledge. These rare items can be found scattered across the realms, or are bestowed as rewards for defeating Remnant 2 bosses.

Remnant 2 traits as they appear in the menu, represented as tarotesque cards with different values.

Core traits

Core traits are accessible to all archetypes as standard, though the number of trait points already allocated to them at the beginning of the ARPG depends on your chosen archetype. The usefulness of each Core trait varies depending on your chosen playstyle – a close-range brawler will always benefit from additional health and stamina, though you might opt to improve your mod power generation if you prefer to experiment with Remnant 2 mods.

Here are all the Remnant 2 Core traits:

  • Vigor – Increases Max Health by three per trait point.
  • Endurance – Increases Max Stamina by three per trait point.
  • Spirit – Increases Mod Power Generation by 2% per trait point.
  • Expertise – Reduces Skill Cooldowns by 3% per trait point invested.

Remnant 2 traits as they appear on the character screen alongside all the other perks and aspects that make up your Archetype's build.

Archetype traits

As their name suggests, Remnant 2 Archetype traits are unique to specific archetypes. While you’re guaranteed to start with a single Archetype trait, you can unlock an additional Archetype trait using the Remnant 2 dual archetype system. Archetype traits don’t require trait points to level up; instead, their level corresponds to your character’s own, leaving you free to allocate points elsewhere.

Here are all the Remnant 2 Archetype traits:

Trait Archetype Effect
Ammo Reserves Gunslinger Increases Ammo Reserves by 6% per trait point.
Flash Caster Archon Increases mod and skill casting speed by 5% per trait point.
Fortify Engineer Increases Armor Effectiveness by 5% per trait point.
Kinship Handler Reduces friendly fire damage dealt and received by 8% per trait point.
Longshot Hunter Increases Weapon Range Bonus by 60cm per trait point.
Potency Alchemist Increases Consumable Duration by 10% per trait point.
Regrowth Summoner Increases Health Regen by 0.15s per trait point.
Strong Back Challenger Reduces Encumbrance by -1 per trait point.
Swiftness Explorer Increases all Movement Speed by 1% per trait point.
Triage Medic Increases Healing by 3% per trait point.
Untouchable Invader Increases Evade Window by 3% per trait point.

Unlockable traits

Unlockable traits are typically acquired after defeating powerful foes, though it’s also possible to receive them as a reward for completing quests and puzzles – like the Remnant 2 water harp or plinth puzzle. These traits tend to be more situational than their Core and Archetype counterparts, allowing you to refine your build even further.

Here are all the Remnant 2 unlockable traits:

Trait Effect Location
Amplitude Increases AoE Size by 5% per trait point. Defeat a horde boss in The Labyrinth.
Arcane Strike Increases Mod Power Generation from Melee Damage by 5% per trait point. Defeat all the enemies in Harvester’s Reach on Losomn.
Barkskin Reduces all incoming damage by 1% per trait point. Choose the Doe’s Eye when speaking to Meidra in Yaesha.
Blood Bond Archetype summons absorb 1% of damage taken by the caster per trait point. Defeat the Root Nexus in The Forbidden Grove in Yaesha.
Bloodstream Increases Grey Health Regeneration by 0.3/s per trait point. Choose the Ravager’s Eye when speaking to Meidra in Yaesha.
Fitness Increases evade distance by 3% per trait point. Inside the Vault of the Formless on N’Erud.
Footwork Increases movement speed while aiming by +5% per trait point. Complete the train event in Terminus Station on N’Erud.
Glutton Increases the use speed of consumables and relics by 3% per trait point. Eat or be eaten by a co-op partner or Dran during the Great Hall event on Losomn.
Handling Reduces weapon spread and recoil by 4% per trait point. Defeat a horde boss on Root Earth.
Recovery Increases Stamina Regen by three seconds per trait point. Return the lost Dran child to the Oracle of the Dran duringg the Brocwithe Quarter event on Losomn.
Resonance Increases aura size by 5% per trait point. TBA
Revivalist Increases the speed of reviving and being revived by 5% Revive co-op partners ten times.
Rugged Increases the health of archetype summons by 10% per trait point. Defeat the horde boss in Forgotten Field on Yaesha, then free the imprisoned NPC.
Scholar Increases experience gain by 1% per trait point. Defeat Annihilation on Root Earth.
Shadeskin Increases resistance to elemental status effect damage by 2% per trait point. Prevent the mob from burning the hanged man during the Butcher’s Quarter event on Losomn.
Siphoner Increases Lifesteal by 0.3% per trait point. Inside the Dormant N’erudian Facility on N’Erud.
Wayfarer Increases environmental movement speed by 5% per trait point. Defeat a horde boss on Root Earth.

With the right Remnant 2 traits, you should have no trouble tackling the action-adventure game, though we don’t blame you if you want to change the Remnant 2 difficulty for an easier time. You can also find out how to perform a trait points reset if you decide to switch out your Remnant 2 weapons for something a little different.