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Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake, due out in 2022

Capcom has reportedly entered 'full production' on a remake of 2005's Resident Evil 4

Following the successes it’s seen with the remakes of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, it was really only a matter of when Capcom would announce it was giving the remake treatment to Resident Evil 4 – and that was before the company had announced the Resident 3 remake, which came out April 3. Capcom has reportedly gone into ‘full production’ on a Resident Evil 4 remake release date, a game many consider to be the pinnacle of the series.

VGC has published details on the remake’s production, which is being headed up by M-Two, a studio founded by former PlatinumGames boss Tatsuya Minami. Capcom will likely support the development of the Resident Evil 4 remake with assistance from other in-house studios, and the game is reportedly scheduled for release some time in 2022.

The original Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami was approached by Capcom to direct the remake, but he had to turn the role down as he is currently working on GhostWire: Tokyo for Bethesda. However, VGC’s sources say he has blessed off on the remake and is providing “informal advice” to the development leads.

VGC points out that M-Two contributed work on the remake of Resident Evil 3, with the understanding that this involvement would serve as a precursor to moving into full production on Resident Evil 4.

As Capcom has released more remakes of the original run of Resident Evil games, players have speculated whether Resident Evil 4 would be ripe for such a reimagining. The game departed from the formula the series had established up to that point, leaning more into the third-person action shooting and away from the survival horror aspects of the previous games, introducing the over-the-shoulder aim camera we now know and love so well.

The story centres on Leon Kennedy as he infiltrates a mysterious religious cult in Spain in search of the U.S. president’s daughter, Ashley Graham.

Resident Evil 4 still holds up fairly well, but it could certainly do with a new coat of paint. While you wait for 2022, you can check out the progress on the Resident Evil 4 HD Project, which has been creating high-resolution textures for the entire game.