Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball locations

Every location for each of the four labyrinth’s metal balls explained

One of the Resident Evil Village labyrinths. It requires a ball to play.

Want to know where the Resident Evil labyrinth balls are? In one of the rooms just off the main reception room of Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, you’ll find The Duke’s Emporium. Next to it is a weird contraption that looks like a macabre screwball scramble. These are the labyrinths created by a craftsman named Norshteyn and there are four of them in the village.

Each labyrinth requires its own “specially crafted metal ball” to play the mini-game, according to the book next to the labyrinth in the castle, and each ball is found somewhere in the same region. Once you’ve found the ball, bring it back to the labyrinth and pop the ball into the contraption. You’ll then need to navigate the ball through the device in order to unlock the crystallised remains of Norshteyn’s four wives.

These devices are relatively easy to find and the treasure inside can be sold for lots of Lei, but the balls that you need to use with the labyrinths are tiny and well hidden. This guide will tell you where to find all of the Resident Evil Village labyrinth metal balls, and how to complete each of the four mazes.

Castle Dimitrescu labyrinth

This ball puzzle is missable from a very early point in the game. Make sure you complete this before going through the double doors after collecting all of the masks.

The flower swords Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball is in the opera hall second floor next to the ruined labyrinth.

  • Labyrinth location: next to The Duke’s Emporium inside Castle Dimitrescu 1F
  • Flower Swords Ball location: Opera Hall 2F – Head in through the doors in the courtyard and up the stairs. Turn left and walk through the door, then turn left to face the balcony. The path splits to the left and right side of this balcony. At the end of the left path is a broken labyrinth and a box containing the ball.

The Sun and Moon Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball is in this chest in the graveyard near House Beneviento.

House Beneviento labyrinth

Do not proceed to Heisenberg’s Factory before completing this labyrinth. Both the ball and the labyrinth are otherwise obtainable at any point after killing Donna Beneviento.

  • Labyrinth location: When returning from House Beneviento, after passing the small hut with a graveyard, head into the open gates on your left as you rejoin the main path. Inside the house is the labyrinth.
  • Sun and Moon Ball location: When returning from House Beneviento, after passing the gravestone, you’ll find that you can access the houses to the right and left of the main path. You’ll find a small graveyard by the house. Kill all the monsters here, then look in the box at the gravestone to find the ball.

The mermaid Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball location is this shrine close to Moreau's Lab.

Reservoir labyrinth

Do not proceed to Heisenberg’s Factory before completing the labyrinth. Both the ball and the labyrinth are otherwise obtainable at any point after getting the crank.

  • Labyrinth location: When you first enter the area, there is a big windmill. Head around it, just before taking the elevator down to go to the reservoir, and you’ll see the labyrinth.
  • Mermaid Ball location: After killing Moreau, head back up the elevator to the labyrinth’s location with a crank. In the garden, there is a locked gate that blocks the way to Moreau’s Lab and needs the crank to open it. Once you’ve done so, head up the hill to the right as the path splits. Keep following it until you find a small shrine to your left, where you find the Mermaid Ball.

This hole blocked by a cart leads to a ball mold used to create the Iron Horse Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball.

Heisenberg’s Factory labyrinth

Do not go into the boss room just before the cargo bay on the 1F before completing this labyrinth. Heisenberg will announce that it’s waiting for you ahead.

  • Labyrinth location: B4F – From the elevator where The Duke is, go through the doors ahead of you. Turn left in this room to find the labyrinth.
  • Iron Horse Ball location: 1F – After climbing through the Grinder Shaft near the end of this area, head through the next room and you’ll see a trolley. Push it and move through the hole that’s revealed. Once you’re through, pick up the ball mold in the suitcase. Backtrack all the way to the elevator and select B4F. Head into the mold room where you made the cogs and the horse head and use the ball mold with the machine. This will forge the Iron Horse ball which you can use with the labyrinth.

With the final labyrinth unlocked, you should now have all four crystallised remains of Norshteyn’s deceased wives. It’s currently unclear what you can do with these remains, but we will update you as soon as we know more. These are not the only collectibles, as the Resident Evil Village goats of warding are scattered throughout the four regions. You’ll need an up-to-date arsenal to tackle the challenges ahead, so make sure you check out our Resident Evil Village weapon upgrades guide, Resident Evil Village recipes and ingredients, and our selection of Resident Evil Village hunting tips.