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RimWorld’s horror-themed DLC has a release date

Relive classic sci-fi horror tales in Anomaly, RimWorld's next big DLC, which adds terrifying new alien threats that can attack from within.

The next big RimWorld expansion now has an official release date. Anomaly, which adds classic horror and sci-fi threats to RimWorld’s already frightening array of potential colony killers, will launch April 11, alongside a free major update for all players.

With Anomaly, the colony management game draws from a variety of popular speculative fiction, sci-fi, and horror stories to spice up your settler’s time planetside. If you’re planning on discovering all this creepy new stuff on your own, you may want to bail out here – RimWorld developer Ludeon Studios says its list of horrors could be viewed as spoilers by players who want to go in fresh.

If zombie games are your thing, good news: Anomaly’s new shamblers are RimWorld’s version of everyone’s favorite undead cannon fodder. They’re formed when clouds of “Deadlife dust” settles on corpses, patching up and animating the bodies to temporarily turn them into mindless, violent zombies.

The expansion also adds revenants, which have psychic powers that allow them to seem invisible by anyone in range and hypnotize any colonist they get their hands on. Then there are metalhorror infestations – if you’ve seen John Carpenter’s The Thing, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what these things do. They’ll start by quietly infecting a colonist and laying low until the opportunity to spread presents itself – periodically shedding gross gray tissue.

Once you find some of this stuff, you’ll know you have a problem on your hands. The question is, how do you deal with it if you can’t know for sure whether your own scientists have already been infected?

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