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Is RoboCop Rogue City on Game Pass?

Find out if RoboCop Rogue City is on Game Pass or if you need to pay for the privilege of shooting criminal scum and cleaning up the streets of Old Detroit.

RoboCop Rogue City game pass: RoboCop is getting out of his car in the middle of an alley.

Is RoboCop Rogue City on Game Pass? There are many advantages to Xbox Game Pass as a service, but the main one is that it allows smaller games to shine. While RoboCop Rogue City is part of a classic action film series, there haven’t been many good RoboCop games.

In the lead-up to the RoboCop Rogue City release date, you may wonder if you can blast your way through criminal scum in the police game without buying it at full price. Well, we’ve done some detective work, and the report is now ready on everything you should know about if RoboCop Rogue City is coming to Game Pass.

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Is RoboCop Rogue City on Game Pass?

Unfortunately, RoboCop Rogue City is not coming to Xbox Game Pass anytime soon. There has been no news from either Microsoft or Nacon regarding when we’ll see it come to the service, so you’ll likely be paying full price for the game at launch.

However, that is not to say that RoboCop Rogue City isn’t ever going to come to the service. After all, there have been games that appear months after their initial release date. RoboCop Rogue City would be a perfect candidate as one of those games that you may not think about initially, as other games are out around the same time, but if it were available on Game Pass, you’d likely give it a chance. Keep watching this space as we’ll update this guide as soon as Microsoft or Nacon announces if the game will arrive on Game Pass.

In the meantime, if the lack of RoboCop Rogue City on Game Pass is enough to put you off, we understand. That’s why we’ve got a list of the best upcoming PC games for you to look at, of which several of them are coming straight to Game Pass from day one. Alternatively, if you just want a decent FPS game to play, we have a list with some options you can try for yourself.