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Forget Genshin Impact, three of the best anime games are on sale

Three of Bandai Namco's best anime games are available for a steal in a new Steam sale, including my all-time favorite, Scarlet Nexus, and Tales of Arise.

Forget Genshin Impact, you can get three of the best anime games for cheap: A girl with long silver hair and a black jumpsuit with red accents flats in a pink-purple background reaching her hand up to a light

If there’s one genre that never ceases to lure me in, it’s anime games. Characterized by gorgeous animated graphics and rosters of stunning yet also complex characters, games like Scarlet Nexus and Tales of Arise easily rank as some of my favorite PC games ever made. If you, like me, love colorful sci-fi worlds or epic fantasy adventures, then this Steam sale is music to your ears.

Scarlet Nexus, Tales of Arise, and Code Vein: three of the best anime games ever made, together in one Steam sale. My rapidly dwindling bank balance is crying right now, yet its pleas are, of course, being ignored.

Part of Bandai Namco’s ongoing publisher sale – which also includes the best PC game of 2022 (we all know what it is) at its cheapest price to date – you can buy Scarlet Nexus and Code Vein for a discounted price on their own or as part of a larger bundle with Tales of Arise.

Scarlet Nexus currently sits at a whopping 80% off, bringing it down from $59.99 / £39.99 to just $11.99 / £7.99. While it’s perhaps the weakest of these three titans, it’s still one of my all-time favorites – and one of the first games I ever worked on in this industry.

Characterized by fast-paced action and a gritty, Nier-style setting, Scarlet Nexus sees you play as either Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall, two new recruits with powerful psychic abilities. Each has its own story with totally unique elements, so technically you’re getting two full-length adventures for the price of one.

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Code Vein, by contrast, is much more fantastical, plunging you into the bowels of hell with the odds stacked against you. Thrust into a re-animated corpse, you’re tossed out onto the battlefield with a new set of vampiric powers; your mission: kill monsters. As someone who loves vampire games, I can confirm that getting this for 85% off, or $8.99 / £5.99, is an absolute steal.

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To make things even better, though, you can bundle both Scarlet Nexus and Code Vein with the Titanic Tales of Arise, which we gave 9/10 in our official Tales of Arise review. The bundle comes in at $54.87 / £44.07, saving you a little money on one of the best JRPGs ever made.

You can pick up all Scarlet Nexus, Code Vein, and Tales of Arise for cheap until Thursday, October 19. All you have to do is follow this link and add them to your cart.

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