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Secretlab strips the Titan Evo to create a new budget gaming chair

The Secretlab Titan Evo Lite strips away some premium features, but still offers luxury comfort at a base cost 20% lower than the Titan Evo.

Secretlan Titan Evo Lite

Secretlab has revealed the Titan Evo Lite, a new gaming chair line that strips away some of the premium features of its popular Titan Evo counterpart to reduce costs by around 20%. The popular gaming chair brand makes the move in response to calls for a cheaper way to get started with its classically premium pricing strategy.

Among the best gaming chairs on the market today, the Secretlab Titan Evo has many premium features that go above and beyond the daily needs of most gamers. By reassessing the Titan Evo design, the Titan Evo Lite is born, and while launching as a budget option, the compromises are quite fair.

The main features removed to bring the cost down on the Secretlab Titan Eco Lite include no packed-in cooling head cushion, the CloudSwap technology armrests are reduced to standard 4D adjustable ones, 4-way L-ADAPT lumbar support is removed for integrated lumbar curve, and the wheelbase material has been slightly adjusted.

All in all, Secretlab is taking top-of-the-line premium features, and rolling them back slightly to bring costs down. The Titan Evo Lite will also only be available in Prime 2.0 Leatherette and SoftWeave fabrics while the small chair size is also removed, leaving just regular and XL.

On the features that the Titan Evo Lite retains, you are still getting the proprietary pebble seat base, cold-cure foam, a multi-tilt mechanism with a 165-degree recline, a durable steel frame, and a five-year warranty.

Now for the important part, what has this done to cost? Well, the Secretlab Titan Evo Lite has an MSRP of $449 (£389), compared to the Titan Evo MSRP which at the time of writing is $549 (£469) for a basic configuration.

Secretlab is showing that despite the removal of some leading Titan Evo features, the Lite is still a gaming chair that cannot be tarnished with accusations of being cheap. Instead, it put effort into researching what features could be removed while still leaving a comfortable gaming chair with high levels of comfort and durability.

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