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SGDQ 2019 raised $3 million for Doctors Without Borders, setting a new record

The speedrunning marathon smashed its own fundraising records this year.

Summer Games Done Quick 2019 has wrapped up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after raising a record-breaking $3 million USD (about £2.4 million) for the international humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders.

This year’s total is GDQ’s biggest-ever fundraising haul, vastly outstripping last summer’s impressive $2.1 million total. Last year was the first time SGDQ had crossed the $2 million line, and this summer they managed to raise a million more. This week’s figure represents the largest single-event fundraising total in GDQ history.

I wasn’t able to catch as much of SGDQ this year as I normally do, but as ever, there were some terrific moments throughout the week. Catalystz finished an all bosses run of Dark Souls in 1:25:27, affably chatting his way through the entire run. A team composed of TheFuncannon, Shockwve, and Amyrlinn finished all Borderlands 2’s co-op quests in 2:48:04, and waezone showed off some incredible traversal tricks in Half-Life 2 during his inbounds, new engine run in Half-Life 2.

Runners played games new and old, on a range of platforms dating back to the NES and Sega Genesis.

Here’s MrLlamaSC finishing Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction in just over two hours:

YouTube Thumbnail

Once again, this year SGDQ will be donating the funds it raised to Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), a Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization that operates in almost 70 countries around the world, connecting physicians and medical workers with people battling disease epidemics, natural disasters, or violence due to armed conflict.

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It was another inspiring week for GDQ, and now the organization has a brand new fundraising record to try to break. We’ll be cheering along with everyone else when it happens.