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Sifu roadmap reveals new difficulty options on the way

Developer Sloclap has revealed four planned updates for martial arts brawler Sifu, the first of which adds new difficulty options to the challenging game

When Sifu launched earlier this year, critics split over its often uncompromising difficulty. If the highly demanding combat put you off the martial arts game, you might want to give it a second look – developer Sloclap has announced plans to add difficulty options in an upcoming patch.

The Sifu roadmap revealed today includes four planned updates for the coming year. The first of these is due sometime this spring, and it will add student, disciple, and master difficulty levels so you can adjust the amount of punishment you’re taking on in each playthrough. That spring update will also add advanced training and a new outfit selection feature that lets you pick between the default costume and a new ‘Wude’ outfit inspired by the Chinese martial code of ethics.

In the summer, expect a second update to add in ‘advanced scoring,’ additional new outfits, and gameplay modifiers. These last include options for playing without a pendant, one HP runs, no guard, stronger enemies, all skills unlocked, bullet time, and more.

The fall update will add more modifiers and outfits, as well as a replay editor for saving and compiling your most badass Sifu moments. The winter update adds a new game mode called Arenas, as well as additional outfits and gameplay modifiers.

While Sifu has only been out a couple months, modders have already been hard at work – they’ve added Batman to the action, which works remarkably well… at least as far as style points are concerned.