Space RTS Sins of a Solar Empire 2 enters early access

Hotly anticipated space RTS Sins of a Solar Empire 2 has entered the first phase of Early Access, and early adopters can try out the TEC faction now

Sins of a Solar Empire 2 early access: A small squadron of ships firing blue thrusters soars high above a massive formation of angry looking clouds on an alien world

In space, no one can count your APM. At least, we’re hoping that’s the case for space RTS game Sins of a Solar Empire 2, which has now entered the first phase of its Early Access period. During this technical preview period of development, players will be able to try out a selection of single-player content for one of the sci-fi strategy game’s factions so they can provide valuable feedback for developers Stardock and Ironclad Games.

“This early access will be much more like an old-school style beta program,” explains Stardock director of publishing Brian Clair. “The goal is to take the feedback we get and iterate the game with monthly public updates.”

The developers say that while this first phase is ‘just’ a technical preview, there’s already a lot to take in with Sins of a Solar Empire II. The map is constantly shifting with the orbits of planets, turreted weapons have realistic fields of fire and projectile trajectories, and worlds can be tailored with a powerful planetary colonisation system. You’ll have to contend with various NPC factions, who could either help or hinder you in your path to galactic domination.

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The technical preview phase will also be the maiden voyage for Ironclad’s new Iron Engine, which the developer says is 64-bit, core-neutral, and will support “tens of thousands” of ships without any noticeable performance impacts.

The initial tech preview phase will be followed by a multiplayer-focused alpha, which will add two more factions, the Vasari and Advent, Stardock and Ironclad say. Finally, a beta phase will “focus on polish, balance, fixing exploits, and visual fidelity enhancements.”

You can pre-order Sins of a Solar Empire II at the official site in order to get in on early access, or check out our guide to the best Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion mods if you’d rather wait until development has progressed a bit further.