Skyrim’s finally got what every first-person game needs, feet

This Skyrim mod overhauls the first-person camera to give it even more immersive functionality, so now the Bethesda RPG gets a minor, but essential, addition.

Skyrim's finally got what every first-person game needs, feet

Skyrim has yet another minor, but essential, fix from a dedicated Skyrim mod maker, and it’s one you’ll want to get for the RPG game as soon as possible. With the Elder Scrolls 6 release date still a ways off, your fantasy Bethesda fix will still have to come from Skyrim, but this mod should help modernize it a bit, and yes, it does that with feet.

Called “Improved Camera SE” and uploaded by TwistedModding, this is a rather simple Skyrim mod in ideas and execution, but it makes some big, immersive changes to your Tamriel experience, turning it into The Elder Soles (I am so sorry).

While a Skyrim photo mode mod brings the essential feature to Bethesda’s RPG after a decade, this improved camera mod does the same with a few minor adjustments. The two main additions are a full first-person body model, so you can see your torso and feet when looking down, and an array of third-person person animations being tweaked to work in first-person too.

This means there are more immersive animations for crafting, horse riding, werewolf transformations, vampire lord, dragon riding, and “theoretically anywhere in the game third person is generally forced.”

You can see the Skyrim camera mod in action in dann1’s video below.

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There’s also a specific graphical user interface for the mod as well, which lets you configure camera settings and FOV sliders, which is a must for all PC players. You can also enable smooth camera transitions and disable headbobbing if you want, but there are a few issues also still being ironed out while the mod is available.

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