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Skyrim finally has the feature every modern game needs

This Skyrim mod gives Bethesda's best the desperately deserved photo mode it needs, offering you the chance to take some pics of Tamriel like never before.

Skyrim finally has the feature every modern game needs

Skyrim deserves a good photo mode. Even after a decade-plus, it’s still an incredibly atmospheric RPG game and undoubtedly Bethesda’s most popular release to date. This is where a brand new Skyrim mod comes in, as it offers you the chance to tinker with a robust photo mode in Skyrim, which is absolutely something I want to see on the Elder Scrolls 6 release date, whenever that will be.

Everyone loves messing around in a good photo mode even if they aren’t a wizard with a camera, and now a Skyrim mod simply titled “photo mode” from powerofthree adds the creative tool to Bethesda’s decade-old game at last. So while the Oblivion rebuilt in Skyrim mod is coming before ES6, you’ll need something to keep you entertained.

All the mainstays of a good photo mode are there, like filters, camera control, removing the player, changing the time, and more. Skyrim is still a game filled with delightful landscapes and dynamic weather, so a photo mode is a brilliant addition to the world.

Skyrim finally has the feature every modern game needs

Skyrim photo mode mod features

The Skyrim mod comes with a few options, so we’ve broken them down for you below.


  • Image composition grid overlays
  • Adjust field of view
  • Change view roll (tilt camera)
  • Configure vanilla DOF strength, distance and range
  • Toggle ENB DOF on/off


  • Freeze, speed up or slow down time
  • Control time of day and timescale
  • Select and override current weather


  • Show/hide the player
  • Set facial expressions, phonemes and other modifiers
  • Select and play any idle/animation
  • Select and play any effect shader or visual effect (set yourself on fire! or any custom VFX)
  • Change player rotation and position


  • Adjust brightness, saturation and contrast, and apply a tint to your image
  • Select and play any image space modifier


  • Apply any custom overlay of your choice such as frames or logos

It’s a great weekend for Skyrim mods, as we’ve just got a complete overhaul of dogs that even lets you pet them, and now this photo mode. So you can now install both and take some delightful pictures of your pooches all around Tamriel.

There are a few more Skyrim mods you’ll need to install to get everything working, but you can find all the extra details on the Skyrim Photo Mode mod page.

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