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Sniper Elite 5 devs are on the hunt for some bugs

While several launch issues have been resolved with a hotfix, Frontier says the Sniper Elite 5 team is still tracking down a few known issues

Sniper Elite 5 bugs: Karl Fairburne crouches behind a low stone wall to avoid being spotted by a nearby German tank.

The new open-world stealth game Sniper Elite 5 has officially landed, and the dev team has been busy softening up the resistance by taking out some pesky launch-day bugs. However, developer Rebellion says players may run into a few remaining issues as they roam about occupied France, so keep your eyes peeled for a few of these current known issues.

Rebellion says it’s looking into fixes for several outstanding bugs currently present in Sniper Elite 5. These include several crashes, some mission-specific bugs in which key items are missing or don’t work, and some overall performance issues. In the first mission, The Atlantic Wall, a hidden door will sometimes not unlock even if players have found Marcel’s key, and some players have been unable to locate the character Steffen Beckendorf. In mission two, dropping a chandelier on your target is supposed to unlock the Kar98 rifle, but this doesn’t always work. Rebellion says it’s working on fixes for these issues.

There are a few crashes the team is also working on, including one that’s specific to the Windows Store version of Sniper Elite 5. If that’s the case for you, Rebellion recommends verifying your installation, making sure the Xbox app is up to date on your PC, and disabling EAC and running the game as an administrator.

The devs have already addressed a few bugs that were present at launch, including a missing P.1938 suppressed pistol, which was meant to be a bonus item for players who pre-ordered the game, crash that occurred when players fired into water or when the loader on a machine gun team was eliminated before the gunner.

Speaking of pre-orders though, if you happened to pre-order Sniper Elite 5 on the Epic Games Store, you should have seen a refund on your account – according to a statement Rebellion made to VGC, the game was “not available on the Epic Store at launch” due to “circumstances beyond our control.” Rebellion still plans on releasing Sniper Elite 5 on the Epic Store at some point in the future, however.

If you’re having issues, check the Sniper Elite 5 system requirements to make sure you’re above the recommended minimum specs for the sniping game. You also may be interested to know about the Dark Souls-style invasions featured in Sniper Elite 5 that change Karl’s hunt into a desperate scramble for survival.