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Sons of the Forest binoculars location and how to get them

You’ll need to find the Sons of the Forest binoculars location if you want to add the handy tool to your inventory, helping you spot incoming danger sooner.

Looking for the Sons of the Forest binoculars location? The handy tool was added with the first major Sons of the Forest update on March 10, and while it might not be absolutely crucial to survival, it will come in pretty handy when looking for resources or spotting enemies in the distance.

The Sons of the Forest map is pretty large, and there are plenty of different resources, tools, and weapons spread out across it, so being able to check you’re going the right way – or not walking right into danger – is a pretty useful tool. One of the greatest uses of the binoculars, therefore, might even just be keeping an eye out for Sons of the Forest cannibal camps before you wander right into one. If, like us, that’s something that keeps happening to you in the horror game, then here’s the Sons of the Forest binoculars location.

Sons of the Forest binoculars: Image shows the location of the binoculars in the top right hand corner of the map.

How to get binoculars in Sons of the Forest

Thankfully, as they’re not an essential item, finding the Sons of the Forest binoculars doesn’t require looting any terrifying caves, as you’ll find them left on a kayak on the northern coastline. The kayak isn’t too far from the cave where you’ll find the Sons of the Forest rebreather. In fact, there are quite a lot of useful items to be had in this area of the map, so it’s not a bad choice for one of your Sons of the Forest base locations.

Sons of the Forest binoculars location: The binoculars sit on a red kayak on the beach.

It’s pretty easy to pick up the Sons of the Forest binoculars, and they’re even close to one of the best spawn locations, if you’re lucky enough to crash land there. They’re also right next to Virginia’s camo outfit, so if you pick the fit up but have no NPC to give it to, take a look at our guide on how to recruit Virginia.

As for some other useful items you may not have found in what might be one of the best PC games of 2023, we’ve got the whereabouts of the Sons of the Forest modern axe as well as the shovel, which is essential to reaching the Sons of the Forest ending and completing the game.