Squad has left Early Access after a five year deployment

Squad 1.0 is here, and it's looking fantastic

It’s a big day for the Squad community: the multiplayer FPS game has finally left Steam’s Early Access with its big 1.0 update, which is out today. Along with marking the official release of Squad after six years of development, the update adds a new map, ups the maximum number of players, and introduces a new faction.

If you’re unfamiliar with Squad, it’s an online shooter that focuses heavily on teamwork, coordination, and working within a chain of command to capture and control massive maps using infantry, ground vehicles, and aircraft. It’s not quite a simulation-style experience like Arma 3, but it’s close, and as the name suggests the emphasis is squarely on working and communicating as part of a combat squad.

The new map is Fallujah, a city in Iraq’s Al Anbar province. It’s Squad’s most detailed and dense urban map to date, and it brings the total map count up to 20. It’s home to the new Middle Eastern Alliance faction, who are local fighters helping to clear the city of insurgents.

Developer Offworld Industries has put together a brand new launch trailer, which is a compilation of some impressive in-game footage captured during matches. It’s impressively dramatic:

Match servers can now support up to 100 players, which Offworld says ought to ramp up the sense of danger. Enemies could be anywhere in the now 50v50 battles.

There are tons of fixes, additions, and updates in the 1.0 patch, which you can read up on over on Steam. Now’s a good time to get into the game, too – Squad is discounted 25%  up through September 30.