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You can play this Mario Kart-style battle royale free now on Steam

Stampede: Racing Royale is a classic kart racing game dialed up to eleven with a battle royale player count and wild screen-clearing weapons.

If you’ve always dreamed of playing a cut-throat round of Mario Kart with 59 of your closest friends, now’s your chance. Stampede Racing Royale is a Mario Kart-inspired battle royale racer that’s coming out soon, and it’s currently holding a free playtest on Steam.

The premise for Stampede Racing Royale is neatly summed up in its name. It’s a racing game that involves a whole “stampede” of up to 60 players driving go-karts that can be powered up and taken out by items found on the racetrack.

Taking a page from Fall Guys, Stampede: Racing Royale has players compete in a series of qualifying events before facing off in the high-stakes finale. These events can include classic kart game races as well as a powerup-focused arena mode.

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Speaking of powerups, Stampede has lots of them (sticky bombs, homing missiles, super bombs – you name it), as well as more than 400 items to collect and customize your car and driver with.

To join, simply head to the Stampede: Racing Royale Steam page and click the green “Request Access” button, then download and launch the game as usual. Full early access is scheduled to begin at some point this summer.

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