This Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod turns it into Doom

Doom runs on a lot of things, but now it runs in Star Wars Battlefront 2 - sort of

We often write about Doom running on things like Twitter, a digital camera, and even a pregnancy test – sort of – but some other cool mod projects are going on, too. We recently covered a Doom project that is turning the classic FPS into a fighting game, and someone else has created an entire Age of Empires 2 campaign based on Doom. Now, though, we can add Star Wars Battlefront 2 to the list of games to get the Doom treatment.

Doomfront is a Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod that introduces Doom-inspired Marines and Demons to the game. You can play as the UAC Marines or Demon Invaders, facing off in venues that take inspiration from classic id Software titles. You can duke it out in Team Deathmatch or fight for zone supremacy in Conquest, at the time of writing.

More content is on the horizon, too. Mod creator bk2modder explains that they plan to “slowly roll out more content for the mod”, such as additional units and maps. A few heroes “may make their debut”, too.

You can find the full instructions on downloading Doomfront over on ModDB. As ever, though, mod with caution.

A bunch of Doom-inspired characters duke it out on a Star Wars Battlefront 2 map

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Image credits: bk2modder / ModDB