How to get the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi robes

Be one with the Force, and look the part too as we show you how to find the most fashionable item set in Jedi Survivor - the Jedi robes themselves.

Be one with the force and don the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi robes

Searching for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi robes? The Jedi robes is an outfit set in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. With it, you can make Cal Kestis truly look like he’s one with the Force. Our guide helps you acquire this particular item, which you’ll find somewhere on the planet of Jedha.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi robes is just one example of a cosmetic collectible that you can find in your journey. There are many others, such as Cal Kestis cosmetics and outfits. Likewise, you can find various designs, including BD-1 cosmeticsLightsaber partsBlaster parts, and color palettes.


Where to find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi robes

To find the Jedi robes, you’ll want to progress further in the campaign, at least until your second visit to the planet of Jedha as part of the story. There, you’re told about the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, the stronghold of the Anchorites. You’ll then journey from the base, across deserts and mountains, until you arrive at a small village called the Trailhead Pantheon.

You’ll then trek around this area, following interiors and tunnels, as part of the general progression for this particular mission. Eventually, you’ll come across a dimly-lit room with the Meditation Hall Echo and, just past that point, you’ll see the Crypt of Uhrma Meditation Circle.

A circle shows the location of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi robes

Follow this section back to where you found the Meditation Hall Echo, as you should now be on the second floor of the building. From there, wall-run to the opposite side, where you’ll be able to open the ornate treasure chest.

And there you go, you’ve found the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi robes. Because this item came from an ornate treasure chest, you’ll receive the full set, which consists of the jacket and pants, as well as their respective materials or color palettes.

Cak Kestis wears the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi robes

Again, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedi Robes is just one of many items that you can find as you explore. You can learn of other locations in our Cal Kestis cosmetics guide. Likewise, since you’re already in the area, you might want to solve the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle.