How to get the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber

Considering Santari Khri's important role in Jedi Survivor, you might want to learn how to unlock her lightsaber in the Star Wars game

A figure in blue trousers and taupe tabard wields the Santara Khri Lightsaber

The Santari Khri Lightsaber is a cosmetic item set in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Once held by a mighty Jedi warrior, who also plays a prominent role in the story, this armament’s design can soon be yours. Finding this item means you can change how your melee weapon looks.

The Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber is just one example of a cosmetic collectible that you can find in your journey. There are many others which we detail in our Lightsaber parts guide. Likewise, you can find various designs, including Cal Kestis cosmeticsBD-1 cosmeticsBlaster parts, and different lightsaber colors throughout the Jedi Survivor universe. 

Where to find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber can be found in the Koboh – Untamed Downs zone. This area has a large rock formation in the center, and there are several cave systems dotting the landscape. One, which is right beside the Mogu Den, hides this weapon cosmetic.

A map shows the location of the Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber

When you enter the cave a barred doorway will block your path forwards. Cal will remark that only a roller mine can destroy it, but he also questions where you’d find one. Thankfully, several will spawn nearby. Simply head to your left as you exit the cave, whereupon you’ll notice an enemy base with a large green barrier.

As you approach the barrier, several roller mines will spawn. If they get too close to Cal, their tracking lasers will turn red before exploding. As such, your goal is to run all the way back to the cave to lure them there. You’ll see that their lasers are colored blue if they’re a safe distance away, but they’ll track and follow you.

A large blue room houses a figure and a chest containing the Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber

Back in the cave, use your force pull skill on a roller mine and then use force push to toss it at the door. This will cause the obstacle to explode, and you’ll be able to check out the room. There’s a chest here that you can obtain to grab the Jedi Survivor Santari Khri Lightsaber.

Bear in mind that this is only a cosmetic set, not a weapon with stats. As such, you can make the necessary customization changes by interacting with a workbench and selecting the Lightsaber option.

Since this is the full set, you’ll have all the parts for the emitter, vents, switch, grip, and pommel, but you don’t get a new Lightsaber crystal color. That’s only for those starting a new game plus run. There are many other Lightsaber cosmetics to collect though, with some more hidden than others.