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Starfield’s Adoring Fan asteroid is nightmare fuel, but not for long

A Starfield Adoring Fan asteroid issue has been fixed by Bethesda, but this is the first I'm hearing of it, and it all gets much bigger.

Starfield adoring fan asteroid: a spaceshit flying near a planet, with a floating and glowing head in front of it

The Starfield Adoring Fan asteroid issue (yes, I’m serious) has now been fixed by Bethesda, as you can opt-in for the beta version of update 1.8.87, which comes with multiple fixes on PC. While the fixes are small and something I luckily didn’t come across in my travel across the Settled Systems I’ve now got fresh nightmare fuel, and you do too.

Starfield update 1.8.87 isn’t yet live for Xbox and PC players, but you can still get the fix ahead of time if you know where to look on Steam, as Bethesda is asking for feedback on the RPG game’s official Discord server before rolling the changes out fully. However, we can still see them for ourselves, and no, this Adoring Fan asteroid is not some sort of baffling Starfield mod – but now it could be.

According to Bethesda, update 1.8.87 “addresses an issue where players could experience an asteroid ‘Adoring Fan’ during space travel.”

This problem would “cause space matter to become stuck to a player’s ship during space travel. Loading a save will now remove the space clingon.”

Starfield adoring fan asteroid: Starfield patch notes on Steam

So just like how the Adoring fan, who I found useful at first before he became so grating he had to mysteriously end up in the vacuum of space, follows you around, the glitch with asteroids doing the same should now be fixed.

This isn’t the only ship-tethering issue though, as Bethesda outlines how something much bigger can attach to your Starfield ship.

“Please note: This fix should address any space matter being stuck in your travels, but not in instances where player ships have New Atlantis attached. A fix for that will be released in a later update.”

Does Bethesda mean that some of us have had the entire metropolis of Starfield’s New Atlantis tethered to our ship? I don’t even know how that would happen or would work as a glitch. I’d hope it’s not the whole city and just part of the landing zone because that’s a surefire way to be spotted by the Crimson Fleet from lightyears off.

The beta update also happens to fix an issue that prevents random guns from spawning in newly made weapon cases, but that’s a little less dramatic than the ship-tethering.

To opt-in for the Starfield 1.8.87 beta update, simply go to Starfield’s Properties tab on Steam, select betas, and opt-in to the part labeled ‘[beta]’ in the dropdown menu. Then you just need to let the update install and there you go, no more clingy asteroids or glitchy weapon cases.

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