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Starfield is still being worked on by 250 Bethesda devs

It looks like potentially half of the prelaunch team is still working on Starfield at Bethesda, with DLC and updates a big focus for the team.

Starfield Bethesda team: a yound woman with a red leather jacket, blue t-shirt, and shoulder length blonde hair

Starfield is a colossal game, and one that hundreds of staff at Bethesda worked on up to release and continue to work on now as you play it for yourself. Potentially half of the original developers appear to still be on the project too – give or take – with multiple updates and DLC planned.

It looks like a lot of the RPG game team is still working on Starfield, as outlined by director Todd Howard in a new interview with Wired.

“You’re talking to me, but there’s 450 people here,” Howard says while gesturing to all the games Bethesda has worked on in the video. “We still have people that work on [Fallout] 76, we have about 250 on Starfield.

“These only exist because of all of those people, and us working together. That’s why the games are so big, there are so many moving parts and interesting things that people will find, that comes from everybody here.”

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While Howard gives us a figure of around 450 people working on all of Bethesda’s current games in the interview, I interviewed a former Bethesda developer last year and learned a little bit more about the exact number of people on the space game.

“Starfield is a much bigger project, it’s like 500 people or something on the team, whereas I think [Fallout] 76 was maybe 200, tops,” says former Bethesda lead lighting artist on Starfield Nate Purkeypile. As Starfield had multiple Bethesda locations working on the game it ended up having many more developers, Purkeypile’s number was still an estimate.

So without getting lost in percentages, roughly half of Bethesda’s prelaunch team is still working on Starfield. With ongoing updates and the upcoming Starfield Shattered Space DLC, this isn’t all that surprising. But still, it’s a big number.

With the Elder Scrolls 6 release date and Fallout 5 next for the team, even if they’re a ways off, focusing on Starfield looks to be a big priority.

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