How to disable Starfield turrets

Some of your enemies are more prepared than others, so here’s how to disable Starfield turrets in case you come up against some tough opposition.

Disable Starfield turrets: an automated gun turret fires at something out of frame.

How do you disable Starfield turrets? People, generally, are easy to dispatch. That isn’t the inner serial killer in us talking, it’s just the way things are. Fleshy opponents have quite a weakness – bullets. Well, bullets, knives, lasers, anything really, they all work the same. Turrets, however, don’t feel pain, will not retreat, and have a nasty habit of riddling you with holes.

By now, you’ll already have felt the sting of cold lead on your skin, been hunted by bounty hunters, and most likely engaged in a Starfield romance or two. If you haven’t, read our Starfield review – it’ll get you hyped for the adventures to come, the Starfield companions you’ll meet, and the copious amount of sandwiches you can hoard on your Starfield ship.

Disable Starfield turrets: a computer screen showing options to disable turrets.

How to disable Starfield turrets

To disable turrets in Starfield, you must find the console or computer that controls them, and click on the ‘Deactivate Unit(s)’ option. This will power down all turrets connected to that particular outlet.

You can, of course, destroy turrets using your Starfield gun of choice. This can be messy, though, and you’re almost guaranteed to take damage in the process, so disabling is the preferred option if you want to stay healthy and hidden.

Alternatively, you can be extra sneaky and use the console or computer to change the friend/foe settings on these turrets. If you do, they’ll attack your enemies and leave you alone – this can truly change the tide in a tough fight.

You’ll first encounter turrets when trying to infiltrate the Empty Nest on Akila as part of the artifact quest, during which Sam Coe joins you for some extra firepower, but there are more waiting to attempt to trip you up later in the story.

Now you know how to disable turrets in Starfield, you can be confident when jumping head-first into an enemy compound that you won’t be turned into Swiss cheese at the first corner. Take a look at our thoughts on the best Starfield build if you’re looking to min/max your character – the best Starfield ranged build is particularly effective if you’re taking on many enemies at once.

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