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Starfield Sam Coe companion guide

Starfield Sam Coe is an ex-space cowboy who can join your crew and even fall in love with you, here’s why he’s a great companion to have aboard your ship.

Starfield Sam Coe wearing his space cowboy attire stands in front of the Freestar Collective symbol

Who is Starfield Sam Coe? The rich tapestry of Starfield lore expands with each delectable info dump from Bethesda Softworks HQ. Whether it be a new trailer, developer shorts like the ‘Into the Starfield’ series, or live Q&As, the details of the highly-anticipated space RPG are bountiful.

A topic we’ve all been learning a lot about is the Starfield companions system. Unsurprisingly, given Bethesda’s strong use of companions in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, it appears they’re taking what they’ve already lovingly created and are running further with it in the space game, even bringing back the Adoring Fan, too. As revealed by lead quest designer Will Shen during a developer Q&A, “there are over 20 named characters who can join your crew.” One of those characters is Sam Coe, who seems to have the wealthiest of backgrounds behind him. In our guide below, we explore who he is and what he brings to the table (or ship) on the Starfield release date.

Starfield Sam Coe leans against a post with his arms crossed with a statue of his ascendant Solomon Coe, founder of Akila City, stood beside him

Starfield Sam Coe background

Starfield Direct calls Sam Coe the “former space cowboy” and that just about sums him up as an ex-member of the Freestar Rangers, a group dedicated to protecting the peace of the Freestar Collective. With his cowboy attire, he joined Constellation alongside his daughter, Cora, in 2327. We’ve explained more about the formation of Constellation in our Starfield lore and timeline guide.

We’ve mentioned a couple of times already that Sam Coe’s history is deep, and we’ll explore that a little more now. Sam Coe is a descendant of Akila City’s settler and founder, Solomon Coe. In one gameplay trailer, he’s pictured alongside Solomon’s statue outside of the Freestar Collective stronghold.

Coe may have left his cowboy life, but he hasn’t left his cowboy hat as he’s been pictured a fair few times across Bethesda’s video outputs in his leathers and rifle locked and loaded.

Our space cowboy belongs to the Starfield Constellation faction alongside other members, such as Chair Sarah Morgan, Walter Stroud, Matteo Khatri, and Barrett, who you can find out more about in our Starfield Barrett guide. In a tweet just days before the game’s release date, Bethesda confirmed that Coe is voiced in-game by Elias Toufexis in the Starfield cast.

Starfield Sam Coe skills are pictured alongside him with star ratings for each of his important Starfield statistics

Sam Coe skills

Each companion in Starfield comes with their own valuable skills, and Sam Coe’s Starfield skills are:

  • Piloting (four-star)
  • Rifle Certification (three-star)
  • Payloads (two-star)
  • Geology (one-star)

Not only will Sam Coe fill your ship with bountiful rocks from the surfaces of those over 1,000 Starfield planets you’ll be exploring, but he’s highly-skilled with a rifle, and can pilot your ship with ease. A pretty handy companion, right? Well, he’s also pretty hands-on, if you know what we’re saying. If you don’t… just look below.

Starfield Sam Coe holds romantic conversation with Constellation member, Noel

Starfield Sam Coe romance

Sam Coe is a confirmed Starfield romance option, meaning you’ll be able to establish a relationship with them on a whole new level. Seen during Starfield Direct alongside Noel (gifted scientist and Sarah Morgan’s protégé), Sam says, “I don’t know that I’ve ever really loved anyone, except you.”

During an interview on the Lex Fridman podcast, game director Todd Howard confirmed that when it comes to romance in Starfield, companions can “be in love with you and dislike something you did and be pissed at you temporarily, but then come back to loving you.” So, when it comes to Sam Coe, romance is another intricate part of your relationship building.

That’s everything we know about Starfield’s Sam Coe, but we’ve got other Starfield companion guides at the ready for your perusal. Find out more about the Constellation leader in our Starfield Sarah Morgan guide, or everyone’s favorite mechanical companion in our guide to Starfield VASCO.

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