There’s a tasty Starfield Easter egg hiding in the trailer

The mythical Starfield sandwich is hiding in a single frame of the gameplay trailer. We guess this makes it our first Starfield Easter egg sandwich

The mythical sandwich is a Starfield Easter egg now

Players have spotted a delicious Starfield Easter egg hiding in the Xbox Showcase gameplay trailer. The mythical and much-memed Starfield sandwich, that looked so moist and tasty in the previous E3 2021 trailer, makes an appearance in a single shot of the new reveal – which surely must be deliberate?

Since the extended Starfield gameplay trailer launched, all sorts of details have been spotted hiding in plain sight – such as confirmation of a photo mode, every weapon having an in-universe ammo counter, and even the first glitches.

This spot, from user OdahP on Reddit, could have them all beat – as a single frame of the trailer seems to show the iconic Starfield sandwich. The well-rendered cheese sandwich from the previous trailer got so much attention people recreated the recipe in real life and even asked Bethesda boss Todd Howard about it, who confirmed that the team “spent a lot of time on that cheese sandwich.” He even used the term “space cheese” which we appreciate.

The sandwich appears in the new trailer during the ship customisation part. There’s an open hatch by the cockpit of the ship showing some crates, and when this section is moved you can very briefly see the Easter egg sandwich (or rather, Easter cheese sandwich) on a flat surface behind it. While missing the plate, it’s clearly the same sandwich as it has an identical bite mark in the corner.

by u/OdahP in StarfieldAlliance

Look for it at around 10:32 in the trailer below. You’ll probably have to stick it on 4K and be quick on the pause button as it seems to only be on a single frame – which lends credence to the idea that it’s a deliberate Easter egg from Bethesda. We can certainly understand why no one spotted it before.

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Does the Starfield trailer hold any other world-shattering Easter eggs? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The bad side of all this detail is that Starfield is missing seamless ship-to-planet space travel, something I am more than a little upset about. Sandwiches will help me get over it, however.