Starfield is being bug tested by literally every QA person at Xbox

Starfield is going to be a massive RPG game, and now Xbox's Phil Spencer has talked about how basically every QA tester at the company is working on the game.

Starfield is being bug tested by literally every QA person at Xbox

Starfield is set to be one of the biggest RPG games of all time, and everyone at Bethesda and Xbox knows it. After multiple delays and the recent Xbox Showcase, we’re also now hearing about how basically every QA across Xbox and Bethesda has been working on Starfield, to make it the best version of itself it can be. So while we all wait for the Starfield release date, the teams are still very hard at work.

CEO of Xbox Game Studios Phil Spencer and head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty recently appeared on the Giant Bomb at Nite podcast to talk about all the reveals and news from the Xbox Showcase, with the discussion, of course, leading to Bethesda’s Starfield.

Here Spencer talks about Xbox and Bethesda’s efforts to polish Starfield, and how everyone wants to make sure the space game has enough time to be turned into the best version of itself.

Starfield is being bug tested by literally every QA person at Xbox

“When the [Bethesda] acquisition closed [Starfield] had a significantly earlier ship date than where we’re actually launching it,” Spencer says. “So sitting down with Todd and the team and explaining that we want to give this team the time, I think Matt [Booty] says we have every QA person in our entire company playing Starfield right now, looking at bug counts, looking at quality and where we are.”

QA stands for quality assurance, and developers with this job essentially identify technical issues and hand them back to the rest of the team to get them fixed.

“We’ve been playing the game for quite a while, and that [what we saw at the Xbox showcase] is the game,” Spencer adds. “When you look at things like Skyrim, it’s not like that team hasn’t launched games that have hit a level of expectation, I love the anticipation.”

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We learned a lot about Starfield at the recent Xbox and Starfield Direct, so we broke down the 35 new details we spotted while watching, alongside a breakdown of the Starfield Constellation Edition and even what we already know about the first Starfield DLC as well. There’s an awful lot to unpack from the showcase, so I imagine we’ll see hidden details for days and weeks.

Bethesda’s newest adventure is already so big that Starfield pre-orders are beating everything else on Steam, so it looks like what Xbox was able to show after multiple delays is paying off.

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