This Starfield weapons feature will delight no-HUD players

Everyone's looking forward to trying various Starfield weapons, and no-HUD players will be pleased to hear they won't have to install mods to know ammo counts

Want to fight this monster HUD-less? Starfield weapons have a built-in ammo counter

The recent gameplay demo revealed a lot about how players can fight in Bethesda’s eagerly-awaited space game, and it looks like the various Starfield weapons share a special feature that’ll relieve no-HUD enthusiasts – an in-world ammo counter.

We already know a lot about the Starfield guns shown off in the Xbox Showcase reveal, but now one fan of HUD-less immersive gaming has spotted that all of the RPG game‘s weapons have a built-in ammo counter display on them – a feature most Bethesda games leave out, with the exception of Prey.

While some of these ammo counters are obvious – like the huge number display on the back of the pistol – others are more subtle. The laser rifle, for example, shows a charge meter rather than ammo, and another seems to show clicks instead. Furthermore, while user A-N-H says the double-barrelled shotgun is the only gun not to have the feature – which would be understandable – a closer look at the gameplay trailer reveals that it does.

Check it out below, around the 4:53 mark, where you can clearly see a black pin at the back of the shotgun pop out when it fires one barrel. Now that’s attention to detail.

YouTube Thumbnail

Historically, players have had to add HUD-less ammo counters like this to RPGs such as Skyrim, Fallout 4, and The Outer Worlds with mods – so it’s great that Bethesda has added it by default, and we can’t wait to see this feature in action.

We still don’t know the new Starfield release date, but it’s expected to launch in the first half of 2023.