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Starfield just got a huge new HD overhaul

Starfield, Bethesda’s stellar RPG and successor to Skyrim and Fallout, looks even better thanks to a new HD overhaul mod which boosts the game’s visuals to 8K.

Starfield HD overhaul: A young woman from Bethesda RPG game Starfield

Starfield is already the best-looking and most bug-free Bethesda RPG to date. From the crowded streets of New Atlantis to the desolate plains of all those undiscovered planets, it’s sharp, smooth, and a worthy visual successor to the likes of Fallout 4 and Skyrim. But now the Settled Systems can look even better, thanks to a huge new Starfield HD overhaul mod which boosts dozens of textures to 8K resolution.

Just over a month since launch, the best Starfield mods are a goldmine of combat, inventory system, and spaceflight improvements – as well as the occasional Thomas the Tank Engine and Shrek reskins. Between Starfield cities and Starfield planets, there’s so much visual wonder in Bethesda’s sprawling RPG game that naturally you want it all to look as good as possible. The new Starfield HD overhaul mod promises just that.

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Created by ‘luxor8071,’ the straightforwardly named Starfield HD Overhaul sharpens, improves, and enhances myriad textures to new resolutions between 2K and 8K. Akila City, New Atlantis, and Neon have all been completely reworked, alongside water, concrete, the interiors of stores like Terrabrew and Galbank, and even the deepest reaches of space itself. Take a look at the image below to get a deeper sense of how luxor has retooled Starfield’s visual details.

Starfield HD overhaul mod: A comparison of textures from Bethesda RPG game Starfield

It’s those little tweaks, the subtle changes that maybe you don’t notice outright but hit you subconsciously, that can really make an open-world game like Starfield come to life. If you want to get Starfield HD Overhaul it’s available on Nexus Mods right now.

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