How long is Starfield?

RPGs aren't typically games you can finish in just a few sittings, but exactly how long is Starfield, the upcoming space opera from Bethesda?

How long is Starfield: Spacefarer pilot sat in the cockpit of a spaceship, with some mountains in the background through the window.

How long is Starfield? It’s the question everyone embarking on this space journey into the unknown will be wondering, because as we all know, there’s usually enough content in a Bethesda RPG to keep players occupied years after release. We recently saw a ton of details about the most anticipated game of the year during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, but one thing that wasn’t apparent is how long you can expect to be playing Starfield for.

We’ve learnt about how Starfield base building will work, and we know there’ll be over a thousand Starfield planets to explore, but what about the length of the game? Thankfully, Todd Howard, Executive Producer at Bethesda, has disclosed some more details in an interview with IGN that may answer the question at hand: how long is Starfield?

Starfield main story length

If you’ve played another Bethesda RPG game such as Fallout 4 or Skyrim, then you probably have a good idea of how long Starfield is. Todd has explained that the main story is approximately 30-40 hours long, which is around 20% longer than their previous games. Of course, most players don’t beeline straight through the main story in a hurry to reach the end, but this offers a decent idea of how long Starfield is at a minimum.

Realistically, if you’re looking to complete a significant number of side quests and explore the enormous galaxy on offer, then you can expect this estimate to double or even triple. Todd went on to explain that the team at Bethesda Game Studios is aware players stick with their games for years on end – Skyrim still has a bustling, active player base after all – so Starfield will have plenty of extra content. Not to mention, he claims Starfield will be a “dream for our modding community”, meaning there should be a whole host of player-created content too.

One aspect that will have you playing this space opera for a long time are all the different Starfield factions and exploring how they affect the story, because no doubt this game will have a myriad of different endings.