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Official Starfield live-action shorts are on the way

A Starfield live action series of shorts is on the way, as videogame short filmmaker Stephen Ford and TV host Gina Darling will helm the imminent series.

Starfield live-action series: a woman with short brown hair looks at the camera

A series of Starfield live-action shorts are on the way to help you get to grips with the Settled Systems, and we’ve got our first look at the incredible set design already. Helmed by videogame short filmmaker Stephen Ford, the live-action series of shorts will help you learn even more about Bethesda’s newest universe.

This follows the surprise release of a short Starfield anime ahead of the Bethesda RPG game’s release, and this new series is being made by actor and filmmaker Stephen Ford. It will focus on helping to prepare players for the vastness of the Settled Systems, and will likely introduce you to the inner workings of different parts of the game, like all the Starfield cities.

“Calling all Space Rangers! Check in with the Office of Interstellar Affairs before your journey in Starfield,” Ford writes on X, formerly Twitter. “I’ve partnered with Bethesda to create a live-action series, led by Gina Darling, to prepare explorers as they head out into the vast expanse of space!”

Starfield live-action series: a tweet announcing the live-action Starfield series on a blurred background

“To clarify this is like tiniest little in-universe digital micro-series not like a whole TV show,” Ford adds.

You can see a first look at the Starfield live-action series above, which teases that the show is coming soon with plenty of in-game items like ammunition and even a little Vasco brought to life. There’s even a real-life Halo Assault Rifle tucked away behind the plant on the right-hand side, which is quite easy to miss. There are no Starfield guns though, or not yet at least.

Ford has had plenty of experience in this area as he founded Ascender, a studio that’s worked on plenty of live-action videogame short films in the past. There are live-action shorts for Rainbow Six Siege, Hitman, Call of Duty, and even Ghost of Tsushima as well.

In fact, Ford and the Ascender team are also working on a Halo short film based around the ODST, called Helljumpers. Regarding the Starfield shorts though, Ford says that he “somehow convinced [Microsoft] to let me make things,” which is why we’re going to see the Settled Systems in a whole new light.

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