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You can fly Star Wars’ most iconic ship in Starfield

One fan has recreated the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars using official Starfield assets ahead of Bethesda's upcoming release of the massive space RPG.

The Millenium Falcon in a space battle.

Starfield is almost here, and it’s likely going to be one of Bethesda’s biggest RPG game releases to date. From its expansive, explorable space setting to its variety of questlines, Starfield is packing many features we fans can’t wait to experience. Some prospective players are expressing their creativity ahead of the upcoming launch, using Bethesda’s officially revealed spacecraft customization options to make unique ships. One fan used the Starfield assets to recreate one of Star Wars’ most well-known ships, the Millennium Falcon.

Reddit user ‘QuirkyKlyborg’ posted the stunning recreation to the Starfield subreddit, alongside a message describing how they did some “digital ‘kitbashing’ with assets from the Direct” to make the Millennium Falcon. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, kitbashing is where you use parts from random models to create a brand-new model, even though said parts aren’t always intended to be put together.

With the Starfield release date quickly approaching, it’s thrilling to consider what we’ll be able to create in-game. Personally, I want to see the Starship Enterprise as more of a Star Trek fan myself. It would also be cool to see even more massive ships like the one in Interstellar or even a more extraterrestrial-inspired one like The Derelict from Alien.

Starfield Millennium Falcon fan recreation

The Millennium Falcon featured in the Reddit post is seriously impressive, though, considering what the creator had to work with and how detailed they made it. If Han Solo could use it in Star Wars to clear the Kessel Run in record time, then maybe we can, too, with this recreated Starfield ship build.

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