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Starfield’s barren planets get a brilliant immersive weather fix

This new Starfield mod revitalizes the 1,000 barren planets with more diverse weather, making the act of walking more interesting.

Starfield mod weather: Starfield's Sarah Morgan stood in front of an orange sky and foggy background

If you find all those Starfield planets too lifeless and boring while exploring Bethesda’s Settled Systems, a brand new mod that gives every planet a burst of diverse weather is here to at least make the act of walking between locations feel a touch more dynamic.

I’ve already talked to death about all those barren Starfield planets, and if you’re here, you like the idea of breathing new life into them with dynamic weather as much as I do. This is where the ‘JaeDL’ Starfield mod ‘Royal Weathers and Encounters’ comes in, as it wants to make weather and climate more immersive in the RPG.

The Starfield mod description notes that some planets and locales were only set to display one or two weather conditions in the game, so it aims to make each ecosystem feel more natural by making it cycle through more types of weather.

“Royal Weathers adds increased weather variety to all locations, along with improved transitions, increased weather change frequency, and many other small tweaks,” JaeDL writes.

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You’ll get a good mixture of fog, rain, cloudy overcasts, and sunny days, too. JaeDl wants each planet to behave like other Bethesda games do when it comes to weather, so has made sure that there are gentle transitions between each so you don’t get dramatic thunderstorms after a a clear sunny day, either.

I’ve already talked about why Starfield exploration sucks in comparison to Skyrim and Fallout 4, and this is just one way it improves.

You can find the Royal Weathers mod right here, and be sure to check out JaeDl’s profile for a series of overhauls in their Royal series for Starfield, from weapon tweaks to alien creature changes.

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