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Starfield player finds a universe where Sarah is a houseplant

Starfield's new game plus is a tricky beast, and going to alternate universes sometimes has very unexpected side effects, as one player learned.

New game plus in Starfield works a bit differently than other games; for one, it’s actually woven into the narrative of the game. Without giving too much away, starting a new game plus run is what happens when your character hops between parallel universes, getting the chance to influence events in a different way this time around. However, the fun thing about the concept of the multiverse is that every instance within it is ever so slightly different, and Starfield players have discovered that manifesting in some amusing ways.

One player who goes by NIKFXR discovered that when they started up a NG+6 run in Bethesda’s latest RPG game, Constellation chairwoman Sarah Morgan had turned into a houseplant sitting placidly on a counter in the Constellation meeting hall. You can even talk to this version of Sarah Morgan (although it’s unclear whether she’s able to talk back).

These kinds of anomalies have a certain chance of occurring every time you start up a new NG+ run in Starfield. In one reality, all the members of Constellation are children. It’s also possible to encounter alternate versions of yourself while exploring these different realities.

These are simply some of the anomalies players have noticed, and there’s almost certainly loads more to be discovered. Starfield is a big game, so there are any number of possible places where something could be just a little off the next time through. Sarah Morgan turning into a potted plant feels like a respectful nod to Douglas Adams, author of the classic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

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