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Where is Paradiso in Starfield - First Contact mission guide

The Starfield Paradiso location isn't somewhere that was spoken about much before launch, but there are a number of quests to do at the paradisiacal location.

Starfield Paradiso First Contact: Captain Diana Brackenridge.

Where is Paradiso in Starfield? Aptly named, Paradiso is a huge hotel that acts as a holiday resort for citizens in Starfield, and is where the mission First Contact takes place. In New Atlantis, you can overhear two women discussing how single life is apparently much better at Paradiso… so that’s the sort of place we’re talking about.

Finding Paradiso is like searching for a needle in a haystack if you don’t know where to look specifically, with over 1000 Starfield planets to choose from. However, it’s not actually too far from Starfield New Atlantis and Earth in Starfield, two of the places you start the game close to. Here’s what you need to know about Paradiso in Starfield, where to find it, and how to complete First Contact.

Starfield Paradiso First Contact: Paradiso on Porrima II.

Starfield Paradiso location

Paradiso in Starfield is on the planet Porrima II, which is in the Porrima system, just three grav jumps from Alpha Centauri through Olympus and Volii. 

All the planets in the Porrima system are numbered Porrima I-VI, so make sure you select the correct one.

Starfield First Contact walkthrough

Before landing on Porrima II, you’ll receive a transmission introducing you to the mission First Contact. This requires you to speak with Chief Sugiyama, who is just a stone’s throw away from where you land on Paradiso. The mission involves you acting as a middleman between the hotel and an old Earth ship that has been floating up in space above Porrima II.

Starfield Paradiso First Contact: Talking to Chief Sugiyama.

Sugiyama tells you to try and make contact with the ship. After you run into the same issues they did with the communications not working, you board the ship and discover the ship is the ECS Constant, an Earth colony ship that has been travelling to their final destination – Porrima II – for almost 200 years.

Everything is fairly straightforward – Captain Diana Brackenridge will explain the situation, and that they’ve had a claim to this planet ever since they set off, and she wants you to go planetside again and negotiate with Paradiso Group CEO, Oliver Campbell. She ideally wants them all to leave, so the members of the ECS Constant can move in instead. Realistically, that’s never going to work.

Starfield Paradiso First Contact: Talking to Oliver Campbell.

Chat with Oliver Campbell, as insufferable as he is, and he’ll reveal three options to completing the quest:

  • Allow the ECS Constant folk to move in and work for Hotel Paradiso in exchange for housing and food – essentially servants.
  • Buy a grav drive for the ECS Constant, so they can fly off and find an alternate planet to settle down on.
  • Blow up the ECS Constant.

If you’re not in the business of killing innocent civilians – especially ones that have been travelling for almost 200 years and have never met another soul in that time – then the top two options are the only feasible ones.

Starfield Paradiso First Contact: Hotel Paradiso from the ship landing pad.

Settle choice

Choosing the top one results in the next step of the quest requiring you to fetch 10 lithium, 80 iron, 20 sealant, and 40 fiber, as Paradiso Group require some materials alongside letting them settle. Pass a persuasion check with Diana and you can get a headstart though, as the ECS Constant will spare some of the required materials.

Grav drive choice

If you choose to go the grav drive route, you’ll need to speak to Bennu in Hotel Paradiso. It costs 40,000 credits by default, but you can persuade him to whittle the cost down to 25,000. Give Diana the grav drive, then head to the engineering bay to find Amin Kazemi, chief engineer. Tell him you’re there to help him prep the grav drive, then do the following:

  • On Engineering Control Computer Alpha, divert the power from the Turbopump – Port to the Cryogenic Radiator – Auxiliary.
  • On Engineering Control Computer Beta, turn the Plasma Run-Off Inhibitor to 5%.
  • On Engineering Control Computer Gamma, decouple the Magnetic Flange Pipe Enclosures from the Auxiliary Module Assembly.

Return to Diana in the command bay and she’ll thank you for your efforts before zooming off, and you can track their location beyond the end of the quest so you can find out if they do locate somewhere to settle.

Starfield Paradiso First Contact: The computer to initiate the reactor overload on.

Make them disappear choice

Oliver refers to “making the ECS Constant disappear”, which is code for blowing them up. If you do pick this choice, it’s obviously the most evil option, and also the most difficult, as you must overload the reactor on board the ECS Constant. Here are the steps:

  • At the engineering section of the ship, pickpocket the chief engineer for his key.
  • Go to the terminal to the left of the entrance to the engineering bay.
  • Choose Emergency Reactor Overdrive, then Confirm Request.
  • Go to the command center, where you spoke with Diana after she led you through the ship for the first time, and hack your way past the Advanced lock on her computer.
  • Select Urgent Actions, then confirm the overdrive.

Obviously, everyone on board turns hostile, but if you can make it back to your ship then as soon as you undock, the ECS Constant will explode, and you’ll earn 6,500 credits for your troubles.

No matter which outcome you choose, that’s the end of your time with the First Contact quest, though there is still plenty more to do on Paradiso. If you’re wondering what the Starfield max level is, then we have you covered for that, along with a full rundown of the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction.

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