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Starfield max level

Here's how leveling works in Starfield including how to gain experience points to level up your stats and whether there's a max level cap.

What is the Starfield max level? If you’re wondering how leveling works in Starfield and whether there’s a cap on the level you can reach, we explore everything we know about the space game’s character levels.

As mentioned in our Starfield review, we’ve spent dozens of hours in the game and can now reveal whether or not Bethesda has implemented a Starfield level cap. We’ll let you know what the max level to reach in Starfield is as you traverse the Starfield planets with your favorite Starfield companions in tow.

What is the Starfield max level?

Good news – there is no level cap or max level in Starfield. Therefore, there’s no limit to the number of skill points you can earn, meaning you can eventually unlock every skill in the game with enough hours put in.

To rank up a skill, you need to complete the challenge associated with it as well as earn the skill point in the first place. With five different skill trees and more than 80 skills to choose from, the sky truly is the limit.

How does Starfield leveling work?

Like most RPGs, you can expect to gain experience by defeating enemies and completing missions, though we’re not currently sure how items and equipment feed into this. We do know that when you level up your character, you can progress your Starfield skills by earning XP and gaining skill points, one point for each level. To gain XP, you can engage in Starfield space combat, traverse the large open world, and take on different main and side quests.

Some star systems are gated by different levels, indicating what level you should roughly be before exploring.

Now that you know your leveling is limitless, check out our guides on Starfield food and how Starfield companions can complement your team. Levels are only part of the character-building process, as you need to have the best Starfield weapons to survive on the most hostile planets in the universe.

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