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Starfield’s growing community patch already has 100 flagged issues

The Starfield Community Patch already has 100 collated issues with more on the way, as players aim to smooth over the vanilla version of Bethesda's game.

Starfield continues the tradition of players adding their own fixes, patches, mods, and changes to Bethesda RPG games, with plenty already available for you to enhance or change your experience. With more and more Starfield mods planned, the massive Community Patch project already has 100 reported issues, with more on the way.

The goal of the Starfield Community Patch is simple: to “fix bugs, errors, and other inconsistencies” including “tweaks, typos and other changes that may have been missed (or not yet released)” by Bethesda.

The SCP team wants to improve Starfield’s vanilla experience by bringing together the whole community to help report and take action against any and all vanilla issues accidentally left in by Bethesda. With the Starfield launch being Bethesda’s biggest ever, it doesn’t look like the project will have a shortage of people interested in contributing either.

As of publication, we’re looking at 100 reported fixes with many more on the way for the Starfield Community Patch. While Bethesda will undoubtedly release some patches for Starfield as the team identifies issues with the release build, the community patch is a great way to get the fixes most desired by players as soon as possible, whenever it goes live.

If you want to get involved you can go to the SCP website and help report and document any issues you find, with the team using that information to collate problems and begin working on fixes.

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