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Starfield’s most important mod is gearing up for launch

The Starfield Community Patch is gearing up for launch, and it might be the most important mod for the Bethesda game around the RPG's release day.


Starfield is a gargantuan undertaking for Bethesda, as the 1000-planet-sized RPG game from the Skyrim and Fallout maker is set to be the studio’s biggest game to date. Like the endless community support for Skyrim, Starfield mods are also going to absolutely change how we all play the game, and now the team behind Starfield’s most important launch day mod is gearing up for the impending Starfield release date, just like the rest of us.

Called the Starfield Community Patch, or SCP for short, the team behind the mod is starting to look for more volunteers to help collect issues that’ll need fixing, and then figure out workflows to make sure any bugs or errors can be patched out as quickly as possible. This follows a reveal of the project last year.

“The first (and most important) part of getting the patch up and running will be to play the game! This allows us to collect issues from both our community and the wider player base,” says Nexus Mods community manager ‘Pickysaurus’ in a Discord update on the mod.


While our very own Starfield walkthrough will help you out on day one, the SCP team has set up a website for the patch which, while barebones at the moment, will outline contributors and known issues, and give you direct access to downloads for your version of Starfield.

“The Starfield Community Patch (SCP) project is a collective effort by mod authors and the wider player community of Starfield to fix bugs, errors, and other inconsistencies present in the game. This includes tweaks, typos, and other changes that may have been missed (or not yet released) by the developers. The overall goal is to improve the vanilla experience for all players,” reads the SCP website.


With Starfield early access on the cards for some of us too, hopefully we’ll see this Starfield patch from fans roll out its first incarnation even sooner than expected, but only time will tell. If you want to be kept in the loop with the Starfield mod of the day one patch, or potentially get involved with the project yourself, you’ll want to head over to the Discord.

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