Starfield stats blast off after Bethesda’s biggest launch ever

Bethesda has just revealed that Starfield didn't simply have a successful launch; it's actually the company's biggest to date, surpassing six million players.

Starfield launch: a character called Mathis stands wearing his red and gold space suit, cocking his head to the side

Starfield was undoubtedly one of the most massive RPG game releases this year, with millions of fans around the globe ravenously diving into it after awaiting Bethesda’s newest experience for so long. While many of us expected the launch to be huge, we didn’t realize it would end up being Bethesda’s biggest one ever. That’s right, the behemoth developer has just revealed that Starfield pulled in over 6,000,000 players during its launch, making it the studio’s most successful release to date.

If you have one working brain cell like me and the math isn’t registering properly, six million players is more than Denmark’s entire population. It’s also a whopping 25 times more than the distance from Earth to the moon in miles. I’m not kidding, the moon is just 238,855 miles away, so you can fit 30 Earths in between the two celestial bodies, or Starfield’s player base into the distance almost 30 times.

Bethesda posted about the mind-boggling achievement on Twitter, saying “Starfield has already surpassed six million players, making it the biggest Bethesda game launch of all time.” The new game beat out the likes of Fallout and Skyrim. It seems like the developer’s latest entry is breaking stats left and right, as Starfield was also Bethesda’s most wishlisted game ever.

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As further detailed in our Starfield review, the game is certainly one “giant leap” for Bethesda. Over 200,000 players are in-game right now – and that’s just on Steam. Considering console and Game Pass players, there are hundreds of thousands more not counted in the one platform’s stats. As Starfield mods continue to evolve, the PC numbers will likely follow suit.

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