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Starfield has a lower Steam rating than Duke Nukem Forever

Starfield, Bethesda’s latest RPG and successor to Skyrim and Fallout, has a lower Steam rating than the often-maligned Duke Nukem Forever.

Starfield’s Steam rating has dropped to the point that it is now, strictly speaking, ranked lower than Duke Nukem Forever. The latest Bethesda RPG admittedly faced stiff competition from the studio’s earlier work, earning a lower rating on Steam than Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. That’s perhaps none too surprising when that list includes some of the all-time PC gaming greats. However, based on recent Steam user reviews, Starfield is now marginally less favored than the infamous 3D Realms and Gearbox shooter from 2011.

Between Starfield mods and Starfield console commands, there is still plenty of life in Bethesda’s space RPG game. After setting launch records for the Fallout 4 and Skyrim developer, Starfield continues to be popular on Steam, with more than 28,000 players in the past 24 hours, as of this writing.

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As of today, Wednesday, November 8, based on figures from Steam DB, Starfield’s Steam rating is a solid, if unspectacular, 67.24%, based on more than 100,000 user responses. Duke Nukem Forever, meanwhile, sits at 67.27%, based on 9,000 reviews.

After years of rumors, hype, and speculation, when Duke Nuke Forever eventually launched, it was criticized for its outdated design and clunky mechanics, and was regarded as especially disappointing given the long wait for its release. Nevertheless, recent reviews for Duke Nukem Forever are overall ‘mostly positive,’ perhaps suggesting a revised opinion on the once-maligned FPS. Starfield’s recent Steam reviews are ‘mixed.’

Starfield Steam rating: A comparison of Bethesda RPG game Starfield and Duke Nukem Forever on Steam

Nevertheless, in its first three weeks of release, Starfield attracted more than ten million players, becoming the biggest game launch in Bethesda’s history. The game dropped down the Steam sales chart in October and was overtaken by Fallout 76, which continues to be popular despite its turbulent 2018 release.

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