All Starfield research projects and what they do

By hoarding the right materials, you'll be able to use Starfield research projects to piece together impressive items for your interstellar adventures.

A smart-looking NPC who looks ready to help with Starfield research projects.

What are Starfield research projects? Spread across five distinct categories, laboratory research projects are another reason why you’ll want to stuff your ship full of trinkets, materials, and minerals as you journey across the stars. You’re free to fly the cosmos without hitting the books, but you’ll be holding yourself back.

The more you tinker with all that good stuff during your Starfield crafting sessions, the more powerful Starfield guns you’ll be able to piece together. You’ll also have plenty of room to improve the restoratives you craft at other stations. All in all, taking a peek under the microscope can help perfect your preferred Starfield build. You’ll just have to navigate the dozens upon dozens of Starfield planets out there to find what you need.

A menu showing the progress bar for ongoing Starfield research laboratory projects in Pharmacology, Outpost Development, and Equipment categories.

All Starfield Research Projects

Here are all of the Starfield Research project categories, the projects they include, and the effects they’ll have once researched:

Research Category Required Materials Crafting Unlock
Barrel Mods 1  Weaponry
  • Fe – Iron (20)
  • Ni – Nickel (20)
  • Sealant (10)
  • More barrel mods
Barrel Mods 2  Weaponry TBC TBC
Grip and Stock Mods 1  Weaponry

Aluminum (3)

Nickel (3)

Sealant (3)

  • More grips and stocks
Grip and Stock  Mods 2  Weaponry TBC TBC
Grip and Stock Mods 3  Weaponry TBC TBC
Helmet Mods 1 Equipment
  • Tungsten (3)
  • Cosmetic (2)
  • Polymer (3)
  • Helmet mods
Magazine and Battery Mods 1  Weaponry
  • Titanium (5)
  • Lead (8)
  • Adhesive (5)
  • Superior magazine and battery mods
Magazine and Battery Mods 2  Weaponry TBC
  • Armor-piercing rounds
  • Explosive rounds
Medical Treatment 1 Pharmacology
  • Antimicrobial (3)
  • Amino Acids (2)
  • Aluminum (2)
  •  Antibiotic Paste
  • Infused Bandages
Medical Treatment 2 Pharmacology TBC TBC
Muzzle Mods 1 Weaponry
  • Titanium (5)
  • Tungsten (10)
  • Sealant (5)
  • Improved muzzle mods
Muzzle Mods 2 Weaponry TBC
  • Improved muzzle mods
Optics and Laser Mods 1 Weaponry
  • Aluminum (3)
  • Chlorosilanes (2)
  • Sealant (3)
  • More optic mods and laser mods
Optics and Laser Mods 2 Weaponry TBC
  • More optic mods and laser mods
Optics and Laser Mods 3 Weaponry TBC
  • More optic mods and laser mods
Performance Enhancement 1 Pharmacology
  • Argon (2)
  • Tetraflourides (2)
  • Metabolic Agent (3)
  • Amp
  • Red Trench
Performance Enhancement 2 Pharmacology TBC TBC
Resource Extraction 1 Outpost development
  • Drilling Rig (5)
  • Mag Pressure Tank (8)
  • Adaptive Frame (10)
  • Aluminum (30)
  • Copper (20)
  • Chlorosilanes (10)
  • Commercial Extractors
Beverage Development 1 Food and Drink
  • Spice (2)
  • Fiber (3)
  • Water (3)
  • Alien Tonic,
  • Yellow Giant Splash
  • Boba Alien Tea
Decoration 1 Outpost development
  • Structural (3)
  • Fiber (3)
  • Ornamental (2)
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
Domestication 1 Outpost Development
  • Molecular Sieve (5)
  • Adaptive Frame (10)
  • Aluminum (30)
  • Sealant (10)
  • Adhesive (10)
  • Commercial Animal Husbandry Facility
Horticulture 1 Outpost Development
  • Mag Pressure Tank (8)
  • Adaptive Frame (10)
  • Tungsten (10)
  • Nutrient (10)
  • Metabolic Agent (10)
  • Commercial Greenhouse
 Internal Mods 1 Weaponry
  • Zero Wire (5)
  • Iridium (8)
  • Tungsten (10)
  • Sealant (10
  • Superior internal mods
Manufacturing 1 Outpost Development
  • Zero Wire (2)
  • Adaptive Frame (3)
  • Iron (3)
  • Sealant (3)
  • Simple Fabricators
  • Small Warehouse modules
  • Inter-system Cargo Links
Old Earth Cuisine 1 Food and Drink
  • Bread (3)
  • Red Meat (2)
  • Cheese (2)
  • Reuben
  • Meatloaf
Mixology 1 Food and Drink
  • Aromatic (2)
  • Alkanes (2)
  • Spice (3)
  • Alien Liquor
Outpost Defense 1 Outpost Development
  • Zero Wire (8)
  • Positron Battery (3)
  • Aluminum (30)
  • Titanium (10)
  • Copper (5)
  • Fourine (5)
  • Security Mini Bot
  • Turret Mk II
Pack Mods 1 Equipment
  • Monopropellant (5)
  • Mag Pressure Tank (8)
  • Aluminium (10)
  • Beryllium (10)
  • Improved pack mods
Power Generation 1 Outpost Development
  • Zero Wire (10)
  • Isocentered Magnet (8)
  • Adaptive Frame (10)
  • Silver (30)
  • Copper (20)
  • Cobalt (10)
  • Advanced Wind Turbines
Receiver mods 1 Weaponry
  • Isotopic Coolant (5)
  • Microsecond Regulator (3)
  • Ytterbium (10)
  • Titanium (30)
  • Lubricant (10)
  • cutting-edge Receiver mods
Robots 1 Outpost Development
  • Zero Wire (10)
  • Aluminum (3)
  • Beryllium (3)
  • Garden Mini Bot
  • Sanitation Mini Bot
  • Engineering Robot
Spacesuit Mods 1 Equipment
  • Polytextile (8)
  • Copper (5)
  • Cosmetic (5)
  • Improved Spacesuit mods

What are the Starfield Research Project categories?

With each available research project designated by one of five different category markers, each category will focus on projects related to unlocks and items within that field.

Here’s what each Starfield Research Project category offers:


By researching Pharmacology projects at your nearest Starfield Research Laboratory, you’ll increase the potency of restoratives, and even concoct medicines that can stave off dangerous diseases altogether, opening up whole new areas of planets that would otherwise be too treacherous to explore.

Outpost development

If you want to focus on setting up shop on various planets, you’ll want to get working on the Outpost development research tree. Certain high-value structures and technologies are unavailable until you commit precious resources here.


Without researching the weaponry tree, expect to see the same few guns over and over, with little in the way of weapon mods available to spice up your arsenal. A whole build could hang in the balance here.


Likewise, this research category holds various equipment mod upgrades, keeping them locked and unavailable for use until you carry out the specified research. Certain equipment types are restricted until you complete a few projects.

Food and Drink

This category unlocks new recipes for consumable items. The benefits each snack affords when eaten will change, too.

A potential material used in Starfield research projects.

Where is the Starfield Research Laboratory?

You can progress research projects by finding the Starfield Research Laboratory onboard any of your Starfield ships. Whether it’s your starting ship or an enemy vessel you’ve hijacked and added to your collection, you’ll typically find a Starfield Research Laboratory against a wall in the chamber just before the cockpit.

You’ll find additional Starfield Research Laboratory equipment in key locations, too, but you are limited to using just the items in your comparatively small inventory if you’re not using the one on your loaded ship.

How do I use the Starfield Research Laboratory?

You might have to do a little tip-toeing around to get the button prompt to appear. Successfully interacting with the Starfield Research Lab will bring up a simple menu, breaking down the research projects into the categories mentioned above.

To work on some research projects, you’ll find that you need certain Starfield skills unlocked, too. You won’t be able to research some of the Food and Drink projects unless you put a point into the Chef skill, for example.

Potential Starfield research projects sitting on a shelf.

How many Starfield Research Projects can I progress at the same time?

You can research one project from each category simultaneously. There’s a chance some Starfield skills will allow you to take on more projects at once, but there is a space to accommodate at least one project from each category at the same time.

Using a different laboratory table won’t allow you to research additional projects. You’ll be shown the same projects currently available to progress, or the time remaining on any projects you started elsewhere.

How long do Starfield Research Projects take?

The time it takes to complete a Starfield research project differs wildly. You’ll get an overview of the expected time to completion before you commit resources to the effort.

Heller can help with Starfield Research projects thanks to his skills.

Can I speed up Starfield Research Projects?

Starfield skills will naturally reduce the time it takes to complete Starfield Research Laboratory projects. Some skills reduce the time to completion of projects in specific categories, whereas others have a smaller, general effect across the whole suite of laboratory options.

Further to that, Starfield companions with these skills will affect completion times when set as crew members. As they can sometimes have a high-level skill deep in the talent tree, you could save a lot of time by recruiting specific team members and bringing them along for the ride.

That’s everything we know about the Starfield Research Laboratory projects. There’s so much more to discover and make in this ambitious open-world game, so get a head start by checking out everything we know about Starfield ship design, as well as which Starfield traits will help you the most. Finally, check out our Starfield review to discover how we found Bethesda’s interstellar adventure.

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