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Starfield finally graced by Skyrim and Fallout’s greatest character

Starfield is a vast, boundless universe of limitless possibilities, but the Bethesda RPG has been missing the best character from Skyrim and Fallout, until now.

Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine: A huge smiling face of Thomas the Tank Engine in Bethesda RPG game Starfield

Starfield is huge, a Bethesda RPG game of depthless detail and exploration where every single square inch seems to contain a new story, a fresh wonder, the possibility of adventure. But until now, there has been one useful engine missing from the successor to Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout, without whom Starfield could never feel complete. We’ve seen some remarkable Starfield ships, but without the appearance of this gigantic, rocket-powered, round-faced colossus, the game would be meaningless. Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine is here at last.

Between Starfield planets and Starfield companions, we’re spoiled for choice for things to explore and learn more about in Bethesda’s newest opus. But of what use is a gigantic, sprawling universe if it contains no Thomas?

Skyrim. The Commonwealth in Fallout 4. Beautiful worlds, no doubt, but if were they Thomasless, they would be – in the words of Hamlet, a literary creation of marginally less importance – a quintessence of dust.

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What I’m saying is, whether it’s through Starfield mods or other means, we’ve needed Thomas in Starfield, and now he’s finally here courtesy of a superlative ship design from Reddit user ‘MrCaine332.’ “Okay,” the Redditor writes. “Can we get serious now?” before dropping an historic photo album. Look at Thomas. Look at him.

Stafield Thomas the Tank Engine: An enormous Starfield ship in the shape of Thomas the Tank Engine

Enormous, powerful, and armed to the teeth, this is the Thomas the Tank Engine of Bethesda games – Starfield’s version of the mighty dragon Thomas that razed Helgen, and the unfeeling, blood-drunk Thomas that replaced all of Fallout 4’s Deathclaws.

Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine: A gigantic Starfield ship in the shape of Thomas the Tank Engine


Kneel before his dispassionate mechanical might, or prepare to be toot-tooted out of the unfeeling blackness of the firmament. Finally, Starfield has the returning champion of Bethesda RPGs.

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