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Starfield’s janky UI can be fixed completely, here’s how

The Starfield UI can cause problems on PC but as the new Bethesda RPG prepares for launch, one Starfield mod from a legendary Fallout modder fixes everything.

Starfield UI: An explorer in Bethesda RPG game Starfield

The Starfield UI can be a little cumbersome and fussy. You’re soaring through the stars, or maybe bunny hopping across the surface of a newly discovered planet, totally at one with the universe. But then you have to stop, jump into the menus, and spend ages navigating through items and collectibles. With the full Starfield release times almost upon us, fortunately, one of the jankiest parts of the Bethesda RPG game has already been fixed – if you’re a veteran of Skyrim, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls, and want a smoother interface, this Starfield mod is here for you. Here’s how to fix the Starfield UI.

There’s a couple of things to get sorted before you head into the galaxy proper. Designing the best Starfield ships – you want to get that right. Also, you should take a look at all the Starfield missions, so you know where to find the best quests. But even with that preparation, you’re not going to have much fun if the UI keeps slowing you down. It’s one of the problems we noted in our Starfield review but, thankfully, there’s already a fix for Starfield’s interface.

Created by ‘m8r98a4f2,’ who previously developed the essential Fallout 4 UI mod, ‘Complex Item Sorter,’ you can download the transformative ‘StarUI Inventory’ right now. It completely overhauls the Starfield interface. The category and item lists are made more compact, stats like mass, value, damage, and so on are always visible in a separate, customizable column, and best of all, you can group transfer items between your personal inventory and other item stores.

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Say for example you want to sell all the medical items in your possession, or place all your ammo in your ship’s storage, you no longer have to individually move each item – you can transfer them en masse.

There’s also a bigger scrollbar which is a lot easier to grab and control using a mouse and you can alter the font size. There’s also an option to set the Tab key to drop you straight back into the game, rather than into the character screen. And StarUI doesn’t have any plugins or interfere with any quests, so you can install or uninstall it whenever you want. If you want to fix Starfield’s UI, you can get the mod right here.

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