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Starfield update brings new and improved graphics to Steam players

Bethesda reveals its new Starfield update featuring Nvidia DLSS support, which you can test early by opting in via Steam Beta options.

Starfield update graphics: A bearded man with short brown hair smiles, wearing a patterned white and teal shirt

Starfield is Bethesda’s biggest RPG launch yet, featuring a massive space setting and seemingly endless content to traverse. Now that the long-awaited game has been out and about for a short while, many of us look forward to Bethesda’s updates for new content and features. The developer has just revealed some of its latest plans for Starfield, with an Nvidia-focused update in the works. If you use Valve’s platform to play, you can opt into the graphical update early with its Steam Beta branch.

It’s no secret that Starfield is downright huge, even among its developer’s predecessors like Fallout and Skyrim. If you’ve read our Starfield review, then you already know just how big Bethesda’s newest entry to its RPG game lineup is. The dev isn’t even close to finishing its work on the recent game either, with many updates still yet to come. “We’ve been hard at work on Starfield updates,” Bethesda reveals.

Starfield official post detailing upcoming graphics update

The dev goes on to say that the studio “will be putting our next one into Steam Beta next week,” which means that players using Valve’s platform can experience the update’s new features early to provide feedback. The iconic dev explains that the update features “Nvidia DLSS support with frame generation, display and HDR controls for supported systems, and other optimizations and improvements.”

Bethesda details how to test the update, saying, “You’ll be able to opt-in to try it via the Steam Beta options.” With this beta access, the dev hopes to receive “feedback before it goes live for all PC and Xbox players.” The post provides no specific date for this update’s full release just yet, but a follow-up message from Bethesda clarifies that Starfield will “also have AMD FSR3 support in a future update.”

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