Starfield Xenofresh Corporation faction guide

The Starfield Xenofresh Corporation faction created the psychotropic drug Aurora and the bustling city of Neon in which you can get your hands on it.

The potential leader of the Starfield Xenofresh Corporation faction on the backdrop of Neon city.

Who are the Starfield Xenofresh Corporation faction? Of the main joinable factions we know of so far, we keep hearing the names United Colonies and Freestar Collective, the two warring factions responsible for the great Colony War. Then there’s Constellation, the faction we know you start off working with. But who else might you be able to band up with and how does your faction affect your unique story?

As the Starfield release date draws ever closer, we’re thinking about how we want our space adventure to play out. Will we be good, bad, or somewhere in-between? A spy, a leader, or a pirate? Much of this comes down to which of the Starfield factions you join, and one of those is Xenofresh Corporation, a powerful group with incredible amounts of money behind them thanks to the booming business of Aurora. Here’s what we know about the Starfield Xenofresh Corporation faction and where you can find them doing business.

What is the Xenofresh Corporation?

Xenofresh Corporation is one of the most prominent businesses in Starfield and is entirely responsible for the creation of Neon, the city of pleasure. Originally, Xenofresh Corp built the fishing platform on the aquatic planet of Volii Alpha, before they discovered the much more fruitful venture of Aurora, their own drug made from one of the planet’s fish varieties.

We can probably assume then that the members of the Xenofresh Corporation are rich fat cats, reaping in the benefits of the drug business that keeps the city of pleasure, well, pleasurable. Getting in with them might be a good way to go if you’re after some easy money, perhaps to upgrade your Starfield ship, or if you’re just after a good time.

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Where is Xenofresh Corporation based?

The Xenofresh Corporation is based on the fishing platform city of Neon on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you know that the company themselves built the city in the first place.

The Starfield Neon city earns its name, a bright and booming city contained within the large fishing platform. Equal part rich, corrupt, and industrial, Neon is home to not only Xenofresh Corp but also the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction. Since the Aurora drug is only legal in Neon and nowhere else in the Starfield universe, the city is a popular tourist destination, attracting travelers from all over looking for their next trip. We also know, thanks to the Neon Street Rat trait, one of a variety of Starfield traits you can choose, that crime is rife in the area, given that the trait increases your crime bounty with other factions.

How to join Xenofresh Corporation

We don’t yet know how to join the Xenofresh Corporation faction in Starfield, but can safely guess that it will involve meeting an NPC associated with them. Based on gameplay footage we’ve seen so far, we think members of the Xenofresh Corporation are dressed in blue, so keep an eye out on your travels around Neon city.

That’s all we know about the Starfield Xenofresh Corporation faction so far, but we’ll add more to this guide once we know it, including how to worm your way into their ranks. There may be some Starfield companions to meet in the corporation as well, and they might come in handy as part of your team, especially since they probably have a fair amount of money and loose morals. If this doesn’t sound like you and you’d rather be part of something more wholesome, then you might want to stick with the Starfield Constellation faction. If it’s not bad enough, then try joining the pirates of the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction and live out your days pillaging ship parts.

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