Starfield Neon City guide

Here's everything you need to know about Starfield's Neon city, a haven for excess, letting loose, and the copious consumption of psychedelic fish.

Starfield Neon: a concept art depiction of Neon, a city built on top of a fishing station with bright lights and a glass dome encasing most of the city

What can be found in Starfield’s Neon City? In Starfield, Neon is the man-made, spacefaring equivalent of Vegas, except it’s surrounded by a sea full of psychedelic fish rather than an arid desert. Still, it’s full of bright lights and a melting pot of interesting characters.

Among the many Starfield planets you can encounter on your journey through the galaxy, one was bound to be a psychedelic drug-fueled city of pleasure. That’s where Neon City comes in. Neon is one of four major Starfield cities you can visit in Bethesda’s RPG game, so here’s everything we know about Neon City, including the locations, factions, and companions you can find while exploring its streets.

Starfield Neon city: a grubby city street filled with bright neon shop signs

Neon city background

Known as the ‘pleasure city’, Neon originally started out as a fishing hub, when the Xenofresh Corporation built a giant fishing platform on the aquatic planet of Volii Alpha to catch and sell fish. However, one type of fish was soon discovered to have psychotropic properties, so the corporation did the only sensible thing and turned it into a drug called Aurora.

The drug is legal in Neon City, but nowhere else, so people from across the Starfield universe are said to visit Neon to experience its effects as well as enjoy all the other pleasures the city has to offer.

This luxurious city then functions on the tourist trade, and in particular, tourists who are off their bonnet on psychedelics. Of course, lots of tourists means lots of crime and exploitation, and there are a few hints that Neon is one of the most dangerous and corrupt urban areas in the Settled Systems. Even one of the Starfield traits you can choose, Neon Street Rat, says “You grew up on the mean streets of Neon” and increases your crime bounty with any other faction as a result.

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Neon city location

Neon City is located in the Volii system on the planet Volii Alpha just to the west of Alpha Centauri and Olympus. Neon is split into three separate districts – Neon Core, Ebbside, and the Underbelly – so while it’s certainly a cyberpunk metropolis, it’s nowhere near as big as New Atlantis. You can find Volii’s spaceport on the outskirts of Neon, as well as a range of businesses that support the drug and fish industries that comprise the lifeblood of the city itself.

Here are all the Neon City locations arranged by district:

Neon Core:

  • Arboron
  • Astral Lounge
  • Enhance!
  • Freestar Rangers Office
  • Legrande’s Liquors
  • Mining League
  • Neon Tactical
  • Newill’s Goods
  • Reliant Medical
  • Ryujin Industries
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters
  • Stroud-Eklund
  • Taiyo Astroneering
  • Terrabrew
  • The Emporium
  • The Volii Hotel
  • Trade Authority
  • Tranquilitea
  • XenoFresh Corporation HQ


  • Chunks
  • Euphorika
  • Frankie’s Grab and Go
  • Madame Sauvage’s Place
  • Sleep Crate

The Underbelly:

  • Chunks Express
  • Offworld Eats
  • Quikshop
  • Xenofresh Seafood

Walking through the streets of Starfield's Neon city, flanked by bright signs and storefronts

Neon factions

Neon is home to a number of Starfield factions, including Starfield’s Ryujin Industries and Xenofresh Corporation, two extremely powerful megacorporations that are just waiting to receive your job application. It’s also the headquarters of Stroud-Eklund, a Starfield ship manufacturing corporation which you need to visit with Walter while completing Starfield missions to collect the mysterious Artifacts at the heart of Starfield’s story.

Mickey Caviar, a balding, self-professed celebrity chef as he appears under the purple lights of the Astral Lounge, the only companion available to recruit in Starfield Neon city.

Neon companions

Mickey Caviar is the only Starfield companion that can be recruited on Neon, located in the Astral Lounge. As a cook in desperate need of work, his Starfield skills lie in Wellness, Gastronomy, and Incapacitation, so if you’re looking for the ideal Starfield crew member to dish up the tastiest Starfield food in the Settled Systems, Mickey is here to provide… for a small fee, of course.

Neon houses

You can purchase two Starfield houses in Neon, though they couldn’t be more different. A sleep crate is available to purchase from Izna Sundararamann in Ebbside for just 6,500 Credits and will earn you a claustrophobically small room containing a bed and toilet.

Alternatively, spacefarers seeking something a bit more upmarket may opt for the sky suite instead, a sprawling penthouse that sits above the hustle and bustle of the Astral Lounge. You can purchase it for yourself from Boone Morgan, the Astral Lounge’s bartender, for a whopping 235,000 Credits – though you might be able to secure a discount with Starfield persuasion.

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With our guide to Starfield’s Neon City under your belt, you never have to feel like a tourist again. If you want to get the lowdown of other major cities in Starfield, we also have a guide to the largest city Bethesda has ever built – the United Colonies capital, Starfield New Atlantis – as well as Starfield’s Akila City, the Freestar Collective’s own home turf.

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