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Steam Deck now has over 4000 Verified and Playable games

The Steam Deck has reached a new compatible game milestone, as 4,000 listings on the gaming PC storefront are now marked as Verified or Playable

Steam Deck with compatibility guidance on screen and purple backdrop

The Steam Deck now has more than 4,000 Verified and Playable games in its library, meaning you can install more of your library on the handheld with confidence. While games without the badge can still run on Valve’s portable powerhouse, the company’s certification system helps provide a heads up regarding compatibility and performance.

Highlighted by Gamingonlinux, the Steam Deck verified badge is now included on 1,867 games, and an additional 2,140 are classed as playable. Again, that’s not to say you’ll have to stick to these games, as you can even get ‘unsupported’ releases up and running on the handheld. Sure, you might need to tinker with files or put up with quirks, but if you use a regular gaming PC, that’s something you might have to put up with at some point anyway.

Needless to say, the Steam Deck’s library is growing, as the number of Verified and Playable games has doubled since April. Not only are older titles earning their stripes, but new releases like the futuristic feline adventure Stray are arriving with a shiny Verified bell on their collar.

Wireframe steam deck with verified green tick on screen

That said, the system isn’t exactly watertight, and there’s still a chance you’ll find a game-breaking bug in a seemingly compatible game. The system also doesn’t necessarily take performance into account, meaning you’ll have mess around with settings to boost fps and balance visuals.

Full Steam (Deck) ahead

Valve’s Steam Deck is fresh-faced, and the company is still rolling out preorders to eager enthusiasts. The storefront giant recently revealed that it’s doubling shipments to get the mini machine into more hands, but there’s still no sign of the previously announced Steam Deck dock.

Game compatibility might also be the least of our on-the-go worries during ongoing heatwaves, as Valve says Steam Deck performance could suffer in warmer conditions. In other words, you might want to avoid playing the Deck on a deck chair, even if you’ve got the fancy anti-glare version.