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Is Ready Or Not Steam Deck compatible?

A tactical FPS might not seem ideal for the Steam Deck, but Valve have given it an official rating and its performance surprisingly good!

an image of a ready or not operator with a steam deck overlayed

Is Ready Or Not Steam Deck compatible? Following nearly two years in early access, Ready Or Not was finally released and if you want to get it running on a Steam Deck, you’re in luck.

The Ready Or Not system requirements are quite low for a new release, but this is largely due to the game being around for two years already. You’ll want to consider investing in one of the best MicroSD cards for the Steam Deck though, as it consumes a sizable 90GB of storage space.

Is Ready Or Not Steam Deck compatible?

Yes! Ready Or Not is currently rated as ‘playable’ on the Steam Deck by Valve, so the game will run natively with next to no issues. 

With any game that is rated playable, this means that the performance won’t be perfect, or entirely optimized, but the game will run natively through Steam with no extra steps needed. With Ready Or Not, there are issues within the main menu where the fps drop quite dramatically, but during gameplay, it can reach up to 60 fps, albeit not consistently.

If you’re struggling to get acceptable performance out of the game, you can check out the Steam Deck Reddit page, where discussions often take place about what settings you use for certain games. As a tactical FPS game, Ready Or Not is best played with a mouse and keyboard, but rebinding the game is simple on the Steam Deck.

The reasons for Ready Or Not missing out on a Verified rating are functionality being inaccessible when using the default controller configuration, meaning the touchscreen or virtual keyboard is needed. The game also shows mouse, keyboard, or non-Steam Deck controller icons.

If the above issues are resolved, Ready Or Not would be eligible for a Verified rating.

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