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This Starfield Steam Deck skin is absolutely stellar

Even though Starfield is yet to grace our handheld screens, that hasn't stopped fans from showing off their anticipation for the release on the Steam Deck.

A screenshot from Starfield.

Applying a Steam Deck skin is a great way to protect your handheld from general wear and tear, but also an opportunity to show off your love of some of the best Steam Deck games (even the unreleased ones). Aiming to do just that, this Starfield Steam Deck skin has us champing at the bit for the RPG’s launch.

Taking to the Steam Deck subreddit, user PilotRakuen showed off their Starfield-themed handheld, explaining, “I have the Starfield controller and wanted something to match.”

The skin really does match the aesthetics of the official Starfield headset and controller, all being themed after Constellation, the fictional organization found within the game. From the ‘property of Constellation’ on the back of the handheld, to the fake weathering, it looks good enough to be an official product.

The Starfield skin in question comes from Korean-based manufacturer, Popskin, known for making some of the best Steam Deck skins on the market. Whether you’re a fan of anime series like Gundam, or want your Steam Deck to look like a Nintendo Game Boy, Popskin has something for everyone.  However, if you’re looking to make your Steam Deck look like it just popped out of world of Starfield, it isn’t yet available on its Amazon US storefront. Popskin posted on its own Subreddit to assure that it will “available on US Amazon soon.”

The skins are also available for other PC gaming handhelds, like the ASUS ROG Ally, so even if you’re not sporting the Steam Deck, you won’t miss out on the opportunity to spruce up your favorite PC gaming handheld.

If you’re worried about the Starfield Steam Deck compatibility, give the Starfield system requirements a look to see if your PC setup is better prepared to take on space and beyond.

With the Starfield release date on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to check out our new Starfield Database to familiarize yourself with what’s to come in the new space epic from Bethesda.